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Whitney Adele Dec 2016
I will not settle.
Cries of freedom will ring from the pits of my lungs.
I will not hold back.
Every passion that rages within me will come to fruition.
I will not be anyone but myself.
My life will be filled with laughter, tears, and love.
Whitney Adele Dec 2016
There are times when I think of you
and I can feel that you are thinking of me too.
Though that energy may not lie,
we must keep swimming farther out.
Away from each other
to heal out in our own ocean's deep blue.
There are still moments in the night
i can see on my waters
is the memory of you
reflected through the moons hue.
I will not forget
but I must keeping moving on through.
Whitney Adele Nov 2016
An everlasting love affair with the forest.

Remembering my child self, perfectly at peace,

feeling at home with a chill in the air and the scent of pine trees.

No city in sight.

Only the stars for light until morning emerges from the night.

Wrapped in a scarf with a jacket wrapped around tight.

Life's weights lifted as the trees kiss the sky.
Whitney Adele Nov 2016
There is a force that calls to me.
Pulling me in the night.
The blinding awareness
that there is so much more for my mind.
I keep my eyes open
waiting for the enlightening sign.
There is a craving embedded in my deepest core
for the magic of life and the awakening of the soul.
There are times when it fades
but there is always the hint of a glow.
I have not fallen so far off the track
that I see no hope in getting back.
The knowledge of the universe is here within
and I am digging my way out
of this heavy soil that has tried to bury me in.
I know who I am
and I will not be afraid to truly live.
Whitney Adele Oct 2016
Apple cider candle lit in the early morning
The day of costumes and candy has come to rise
and here in the desert the temperature has finally dropped
to at least 75.

No jackets are needed as the sun rises or sets.
Although, you may finally bring out that pair of jeans
faded at the knees.
Our fall has come and hearts are pleased.
Whitney Adele Oct 2016
I will not be patronized by you
for you are just another star in the sky
and though you may have shined bright and beautiful
there is still a bursting nebula a couple of light years nearby.

I will not put you on that cushioned pedestal
for you have lost your place there
since you chose self loathing and the hatred of life,
I still have my love affair with the ethereal universal light.

I will not let the world harden me
like the men who looked into the depths of Medusa's eyes.
Everything on this path is meant to be embraced,
even if some experiences don't have the sweetest taste.
Whitney Adele Oct 2016
The heart howls
against the gentle moonlight
with a passion that burns
and echoes through the night.

Saying every thought
with one unnerving sound.
Creating those skipped beats in your chest,
as if your heart has hit the ground.

How can you explain it?
The sensation of receiving a blow to the cheek.
Is it possible to describe the feeling that floods you
just as you are about to weep.

Words can be scattered
and used mightily with infinite array.
Oozing every emotion the heart can conjure,
spinning within you everyday.

We look for the people
who listen with the intent to hear.
Rarely do we find these companions
and when we do, we must hold them near.

In the end
when the day closes, as I lay in my bed.
All I have are those words
created by feeling everything with my heart
rather than my head.
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