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WildFire Mar 2020
My spirit flickers.
Brief moments of strength
Followed by the threat of being snuffed out.
The shadows of my soul thrive the more the spirit flickers.
Those velvety shadows hold my secrets safe from the eyes of those who think they truly know me.
I welcome the day the flickering ceases and the shadows obscure the spirit that once burned bright.
  Mar 2020 WildFire
Seek the truth
Dont let it destroy you
  Feb 2020 WildFire
A little bit of trickery will help you in the lands of misery
WildFire Feb 2020
Everything in life seems to be driven by one of two things:
Either by fear or by the pursuit of happiness.
  Dec 2019 WildFire
Its a long road into the unknown
All your insecurities & all of your fears
All seem to be there and never disappear
Constant battle between the love and hate
Should you press forward or become part of what aint
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