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  2d WildFire
My world smiled today
At your sudden arrival

My world waved in excitement
At your coming

My world wants you to stay
Without you, there is nothing
  7d WildFire
even the darkest minds can drip gold;
pink roses can bloom behind ****** chain link fences,
as leaves can stay orange as they float in puddles reflecting gray.

there’s always stars in the dark.
WildFire Dec 4
The world sees her brave face, but inside, there's a scared little girl hiding away.
WildFire Dec 1
You're the reason the ink bleeds across my page.
  Nov 27 WildFire
Quinn Adaire
What is love?
If I may ask.
Is it butterflies
When they walk past?
Is it warmth that seeps
To your fingertips
When they gift you
With a soft gentle kiss?
Is it the trust
That gives you comfort
Or the peace that they give you
That you only used to have in slumber?
Is it the bond that you share
That can’t ever tear?
Is it dying for the one you live for?
What is love?
If I may ask.
WildFire Nov 27
I often wonder who would care
If I melted away into the lurking shadows,
Among the dark ghosts from my nightmare.
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