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Bipolar Hypocrite
In Crazy.    "Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, It's not the end" ~ John Lennon
Brenden Pockett
America    Brandon Puckett is not my real name.
Hogwarts    Breathe.


Naptural Mermaid Nov 2014
To those who protest on why they should say the word *****
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To those whose heart does not mourn over an innocent life of POC
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To those who yell "go back to Africa"
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if you cannot comprehend that your ancestors where not here first

To those who fail to understand their white privilege
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To those who scream out "what about black on black crime"
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If you're blind to the multiple genocide your people create and label as "war"

To those who simply choose to ignore this injustice
Unfollow me for no action at all is the greatest injustice of all