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Jay  Dec 2017
Jay Dec 2017
What is an oxymoron:
It’s a contradiction in itself
That still exists anyway

An oxymoron
Would be thunder on
A clear day

Or an ocean
On fire
Or deafening

For a while, I wrote
People into being oxymorons
Girls with eyes that
Burned with wildfire
Yet hearts that were
Colder than the northern ice caps
(I thought that the colder
Your heart was
The better chance of being
Okay you had)

I wrote of people
Who had the gentlest hands
But the hardest eyes
I loved my story
Of the girl who was in the
Best relationship
But didn’t believe in love

I wanted to be
An oxymoron
Something hard to fathom
And figure out, something
Miraculous and curious

Then I realized
That I’ve always been an oxymoron
I’ve been told that my smiles
Were the brightest
But I’d look in the mirror and see
That my eyes were dead
And empty

I saw that I became an
Oxymoron of my own
The second that I became
A perfectly controlled catastrophe
So that my ragged edges
And awful mess
Wouldn’t touch  anyone else

I knew that I was an
Oxymoron the second that I
Started doing everything
Out of love
Yet I did not believe in
Love at all

I became an oxymoron
And I hate it
Because I want to break apart
And fall into a million pieces
But I need to hold myself
Together even if it’s agony

I am an oxymoron of sorts
And I do not know
If I am weaker
Or stronger for it
Mercury Chap  May 2015
Mercury Chap May 2015
I guess my future is oxymoron
Happy, lively, and slowly going on,
Not too fast, not slow
A bitter sweet symphony of, "Move on and go".

Just a little soft on the insides
And ******* outside
That's I want to be
You don't come and I'll be gone
I won't wait,
Yes, I'll be the exact oxymoron.

I'll be strong enough to fight
Not like now when that I am quiet
I'll open the mouth out wide
Someday you'll see the difference
You'll compare
It'll be the oxymoron of my present versus future
My shoulders will bear.

All the North-South feelings
Will go away
The whole confused person you see today
Will disappear into a void
And appear as hard-core asteroid
Burning fire more than ice
Melting water to suffice
The rage of my now would soon be gone
Making my present-future and oxymoron.
Yes, not the exact meaning of oxymoron, but, hey, I tried.
Rayven Rae  Sep 2018
Rayven Rae Sep 2018
i am an oxymoron

i can’t breathe in this life
that i’m living
but i still smoke cigarettes
they are the only thing that brings something
barely mimicking calm
to my body

i am an oxymoron

i am exhausted but i can’t sleep
for pain and nightmares
are my constant companions in the dark
i stare at the stars
drawing my own constellations within their brightness
finding shapes and solace
among the old light

i am an oxymoron

i have been whittled down to nothing more
than lean muscle and bone
still i can’t eat
food isn’t tolerated by my body
i eat words for breakfast instead
and spit them back up
roped together in patterns
that are my own sustaining

i am an oxymoron

i am bursting with words
but what i say and what others hear
are nowhere near the same thing
i am a ghost walking among the living
misunderstood and set aside
no one understands my verbal gifts offered up
so i shut my mouth and instead
swallow down everything i am

i am an oxymoron

i have passed from the world in which i belong
into a world where everything looks real
but nothing is as it seems
alice lost without her wonderland
i am alone among the masses
i have become the mad hatter

i am an oxymoron