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H.P. Lovecraft


I am a joyously surfaced endless abyss of melancholy darkness. I am alone in this world, alone with my S. King, H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar ...
Adalwulf Lovecraft


Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
Who is this H.P. Lovecraft,
was he even a poet,
this whole industry’s a bloodbath,
I’ve got four aces in my hand and I’m willing to show this,

to who’s pleasure do I owe this,
how can I be the greatest,
when they’ve got me battling ghost,
in this never ending matrix,

I ate the red pill and the blue pill,
maybe that’s why I’m so confused,
plus THT1 should be #1 for real,
but right now it’s sitting at #2,

I’m behind a dead man,
Mr. H.P. Lovecraft,
fck that,
fame is a deathtrap,

who is this H.P. Lovecraft,
not even alive some random published his book,
now he’s at #1 and I’m at #2 worldwide,
for real take a look!

I just published a new book,
take a moment to check it out,
all profits go to charity,
to prevents child abuse and ****** assault,

so not only are you getting an epic book of poetry,
but you're also supporting a good cause no doubt,
because I believe we can change this world for the better,
but we have no time to waste so let’s start now!

Here’s the link to the new book:
For real...
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
So I published a book recently; The H Trilogy Volume 1: City of Angels
And I'm REALLY frustrated because the book should be #1 on the Amazon Hot New Releases right now in Poetry but instead there is an HP Lovecraft book in the #1 position and I'm #2. This is an atrocity to the integrity of all  us real writers because for one the anthology is not New. HP Lovecraft is dead. And the anthology was not released by him. If you read the reviews on the Lovecraft collection you'll see!
There are many 1 star reviews from people that I don't know but that share the same perspective of outrage as I do.

PLUS, Lovecraft's work is public domain and it is actually illegal for people to capitalize off of his work.

Let's focus on writers that are still living instead of giving credit to one's that have passed. "H.P. Lovecraft Complete Collection" is not new, nor is it poetry. So how can it rightfully be listed as a poetry new release? Come on, please, let's make this right.
Here's the link to my book: