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In your dreams    I dare you to figure me out ♡
Nc    Like most people im crazy im unpredictable unloveable, its unreal to think the attention of someone can the difference between happiness and complete depression nothing ...


Rebel Heart Jul 2016
The fire within you
The purest form of what love means to me
Together balancing on this razor thing line
Like it was meant to be
It fuels the heart to know that you are mine

You tainted my purest desire
Corrupting every part of my soul
It’s supernatural
Like a ray of light shining bright
You are something else, extraterrestrial

This love can only last a lifetime
Facing these fearful odds
I lost my chance to make you mine
Tears of regret fall upon your grave
The inevitable space between us

Crying on the kitchen floor
Don’t go away don’t go away
Give me the strength to move on
But deep inside of me the fire stays
Telling me that my heart must go on

Like ashes to the wind
I know somewhere deep in the universe
You will be watching over me
In the end we are all stardust of time
We are all extraterrestrial

The fire within me was lit by you
Every night in my dreams
Far across and far away
You will come and show me how to keep this fire on
I wake up crying begging you to stay

I don’t want to be alone
I wish you would be here
The fire almost goes out
It’s the emptiness which I fear
But you will be there inside my heart

Wherever you are, near or far
The fire will always be in my heart
When I grow up old and all alone
The fire you showed me
Is enough for me to face the world head on
For a contest
K Balachandran Apr 2012
A curious extra terrestrial
  watched  human *******, perplexed;
seemed  more of an internecine combat,
not the cerebral ******* he knows.
Ayaba Babe Jan 2013
She blinks.
And such an ordinary unnoticeable movement
Creates movements in places he never intended to landslide.
She's a super natural rip tide
She's an extraterrestrial tour guide
To the universe
Of his dreams.
Of her smile
Sends his pupils rocketing space-bound.
The black holes of her throat are cautiously slippery,
She wants him to drown.
She's ******* him down
She's gathering him up
And escorting him around
Like shooting stars in a moonlit sky
His pupils search for the skies in her eyes
And she blinks.
She etches the disguise of his demise in her memory,
And she tattoos her name in his heart with permanent ink.