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 Nov 2018 Semicolon
The Road
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
You lead me on this road
And what lies ahead
I really don't know
Hope can be a beautiful thing
Like a lamp post flickering in the night
But still you have painted my eyes
With the view of the most colorful sunrise
And you let me breathe with lilac scented dreams
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
You parted your lips
And you uttered the words
They sounded so sweet
I can almost taste them in my mouth
Then with certainty
I replied with butterflies from my tongue
As you plant a garden in my lungs.
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
Even when you're broken
I will still embrace your sharp edges
And with my scarred body
I will love your pieces
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
Isn't it ironic,
That people who hang themselves
Struggle to breathe
When their feet no longer touches the ground
They're struggling to breathe,
To live,
When their intention,
Is just the opposite.
Fact: Everyday on an average, 121 people commit suicide.
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
I hear all of this
In my head

Am I going insane?
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
Some say that
People who read books
Live in a fantasy
And know nothing of the real world

But books have taught me
More than anyone ever could
They've taught me
The difference between good and evil

They've taught me
What is real and what is fake
They taught me
How to escape this world

They've taught me
That all humans aren't alike
And everybody is beautiful
In their own way.

Books have taught me
More than anyone ever could.
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
I let different boys touch me
Because I wanted to know
Even for a second
What it felt like to be loved
Even if the love was cheap
And it tasted like ***
Like the punchline to a joke
I never got because it was me

I let different boys have different parts of me
Parts they didn't deserve
But I offered up willingly because I couldn't give anything else
after you broke me
I was looking for different fingers
to place different pieces and hoping  the outcome
would be a masterpiece
Maybe one of them would find a way
to cover up the handprints you left all over me

I let different boys touch me because I had to prove to myself
you wouldn't be the only one
that these scars marking my body wouldn't define
my worth to be loved
I am not entirely sure  
you aren't the only one who could ever touch me without slightly  flinching

I let different boys touch me because that is all I have been taught
To be a joke
To be silent
To be ready to give until you have nothing left
- they keep leaving me and I am to scared to offer up anything more than my body to get them to stay
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
Maybe II
 Nov 2018 Semicolon
Maybe it's the way you look at me,
Maybe it's the way you hold me,
Maybe it's the way you care for me,
Maybe it's the way you talk to me,
Maybe it's the way you understand me,
Maybe it's the way we joke around,
Maybe it's the way we love,
Maybe all it is
Is you.
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