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  Apr 2023 savarez
Sherry Asbury

Ebon night is seeping away,
like spilled ink slips on satin.
Curling its toes, yawning wide
and ready for bed and sleep.

Quicksilver shadows dart
like lightening bugs in August.
Knowing their end is coming
soon, they scatter to hide away.

Little stars tiptoe off to their room,
dragging slip streams behind.

Mother moon counts her children,
tucks them in in satin blankets,
kisses their cheeks with pale lips,
and then taking herself by the hand,
climbs the stairs in the wake of dawn.
  Apr 2023 savarez
Spiralling into decline
as we try to climb,
but we’re destroying everything we touch
Blanketing realities so everything's heating up
of the lies and twisted truths I’ve had enough
I can’t take the fake face
I want to rub the make up off and see the naked proof
Can you tell me the truth
can you tell me how you feel?

Tell me how you feel when they tell you we’re destroying our mother
we’ve known it for years but only now they want to stop us
And even that’s a lie
numerous companies will continue to profit
while still increasing the footprint
Meanwhile we’re all panicking
fear factors rocketing,
And I feel there nothing I can do but wait

and watch
Watch and         wait
Wait and watch           watch
Watch and                                wait.

I’m tryna create a safe place for my children
I’m tryna escape the way the world seems to be turning
And spin it back to the days of vinyl scratching
I’m taking it before microphones
before people were playing music on gramophones

Yeah, way back before that
I’m talking animal skins,
stretched over things
to create rhythms
with people dancing
And tribal chanting
When we were in harmony with all around us
before mans greed drowned us
before everything around us started dying

We’re spiralling into decline
Its like no body wants to climb
they're are happy to live blind and leave behind
A mess for their children to undress
I’m not impressed with my ancestry

I can’t express feelings in my chest of misery
We can’t neglect the state of our home
We must respect our globe
We best correct our woe
Our children trust we will protect them

How dare we disrespect them like this?
Leave them to pick up the pieces
like there’s nothing we can do but watch and

                 wait and watch
watch,              watch and          wait

Wait for what?
2008 - written to perform
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