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  Sep 9 savarez
Charlotte Ahern
every man looks bigger than they are in the shadows
it takes courage to step in the light
and really be seen
Do you agree?
  Aug 15 savarez
This is your goverment speaking, please carry on with your life blind to what is around you. Remember to constatly look into millions of cameras so the goverment can better track you. This is for your safety. You are not a beautiful living create in search of spiritual enlightenment and truth. This is not your purpose. You are to work and consume only. Please refrain from distrubing the statis quo. Please remain afraid, remain in constantly fear of everyone and everything around you and do not connect with those around you. The world is not safe and only we can protect you. Please refrain from creative or abstract thinking. this is not a productive use of time. please remain distracted by video games, entertainment, *** drugs and rock stars and allow the goverment to mend the world around you for their liking. the goverment knows best. Remember only goverment accepted drugs are aloud. no drug that expands your mind in any capacity is autherized. if you see anyone caught doing reecrational drugs pelease report them to authorities. This is your goverment speaking; floride is perfect healthy to put in drinking water and does not cause nerve problems. GMO have no definitive evidence that they are unsafe, and that has nothing to do with our laws against studying the subject. Please remain oblivious to the fact that 5G technology and smart meters are connecting us to a system called the "interent of things" were you willing be constantly bombared withcancer causing and nerve damaging radio frequencys. please allow us to amp us this sytem so we cn better track you.
This is your goverment speaking. Remeber; it is your responcibility to proct the enviroment, not ours. so we must tax every apect of your life were you consume, while we dump billions of tones of toxic waste into the oceans, destroy forest, preform constanbt nuclear testing, and continue nt to mainbtained reactors and waste storage facilitys.these are not the cause of enviromental problems, you are.
this is your goverment speaking: please ignore the fact that china is buying up north america and bringing in a strong influence of communism already seen in factory work conditions. please ignore the fact people are quietly being robbed of their private proerty and being force into innerr cities. please follow every law blindly, for the goverment choose what is good and bad. Freedom, liberty, and justice are not perspectives. if you think it is wrong to charge someone with ****** for perfroming a legal aborton, you are wrong. if you thinking disarming a man who broke into your house and is about to **** you is the right thing to do, you are wrong.
DO NOT< i repeat DO NOT reaearch AGENDA 21, the bill signed in 1992 that gives the UN overwhelming powers to SUE our country if we dont follow their orders for the future of our country.

Remember, there are too many people on the planet so when we roll out our eugenics program, please read the list to see if the government thinks your life is worthy of living.

Please continue with your day and remeber, reamin the statis quo. this was today announcement from your supreme leader. thank you.
  May 28 savarez
Larry Schug
If you fold up your paper,
turn off your radio and TV,
sit on the steps and sip your tea,
watch the birds and speak no words
as the sun rises yellow and round,
making rainbows on the dewy lawn,
you could fool yourself into thinking
there’s no ****** war going on.
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