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I may
be soft
but at least
I’m not
of my own
 Jun 2017 Savannah Charlish
rose gold lips
milky way eyes
what a visual, you and i
 Jun 2017 Savannah Charlish
cake-235 calories

You can have a bite.  
Come on treat yourself.  
For only the price of:
An hour of sit ups,
two hours of guilt,
A day of crying over the bathroom scale,
A week of fasting.  

French fries-250 calories

Come on take a bite.
Reward yourself.  
You haven't eaten anything but your own fingernails in days.  

Chocolate milk-120 calories

Take a sip.
for only the cost of the rest of your life spent worshiping
the feeling of an empty stomach.  
The feeling of being cold in a warm room.
The feeling of your bones poking through your skin like white flags.  

Waffles-190 calories

Just one bite won't hurt.  
And another and another
soon it's a binge.
Now purge.  
Purge your body of the evil of calories.
Purge your guilt into the toilet.  
Wipe your tears and brush your teeth.
It's worth it to treat yourself,right?
 Jun 2017 Savannah Charlish
She strips the oils
from her face
And applies the clay to canvas
Molding cheekbones
out of grounded stone
She puts her smile out
to dry
Her skin cracking like pottery
Little hands
breaking the mold
what they said to never be
So instead they almost molded-
She recreates the scars in her skin
the foundation layered
the concrete  no longer wet
America is bleeding,
her streets are running red.
They're running out of places
to pile up all the dead.
Uncle Sam is smoking,
pockets fat with oil and gas;
when will Lady Liberty
hold that flame under his ***?

America is bleeding,
a badge stuck in her chest,
can't defend a head wound
behind a kevlar vest.
And Justice wears a blindfold,
but it works kinda funny.
She can see right through it
if you have the money.

America is bleeding,
and now her children see
right on through the smokescreens
into her hypocrisy.
While high atop the flagpole
Old Glory's Stars stained red.
If we don't stop the bleeding,
We're gonna end up dead.
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