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Sarah Carter Apr 2017
Do you ever get this feeling?
This feeling of utter disappointment?
You see all these people who are doing great things!
These people inspire you to be something more!
You want to be just like them!
Want to be able to change the world in some way!
To leave an imprint just to show that you existed!


These people you look up to, they already have the spot you want so badly
left their imprint
have a meaning
have a purpose


You want to go somewhere
You want to do something great
You want to be something great

you’re not

You look to your right
you see Albert Einstein developing the theory of relativity
you see Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb

You look to your left
you see Van Gogh painting the beautiful Starry Night
you see Bob Ross showing the joy of painting

You cross science off your list of things, those spots are taken
You cross art off your list, those spots are taken
You cross off writing
You cross of theater
You cross off sports
You cross off anything and everything that already has its spot taken

And what is left?

The new kid at school without a desk?
The one who wants to join in and play games with the other kids, but there are already too many players?
The one who plays musical chairs, but always loses because there aren’t enough spots for her?

She just wants to find a place
She just wants to know where she fits
She just wants to find where she belongs
She just wants reassurance that she wasn’t put on this earth as mere mistake
She wants to be a part of something.

You look down upon yourself because you can’t find all the right pieces
You can’t find yourself
You can’t find your purpose or your reason

You feel that if you don’t make some kind of change, then what are you worth.

You need to remember...

The Earth is a box for the jigsaw puzzle of life.
You are a part of this 7 billion piece puzzle
You will always have a place.

You may still be struggling to find yourself,
and that’s okay.
But you will always have a place.
We will wait
When you are ready,
go on and join the puzzle

Because you have a place, just like me
You need to discover what parts of you make you... well... you
You need to figure out the detail of your piece and build off of others

Don’t you ever think that you don’t matter
Don’t you ever believe that you have no purpose
Without you
The jigsaw puzzle
will never be

I don't really know how this poem came about... I just kinda got sad in the middle of the night
Sarah Carter Oct 2016
i am swimming,
but somehow i can’t
i’m smiling,
but somehow i’m
everything around me is at peace,
but somehow there is a
inside of me.
there is a crowd,
but somehow i’m
how can it be that everyone around me is
but i am not
Sarah Carter Oct 2016
I live on a tiny blue dot
This is Earth
The place I call home

On this blue dot
I took my first steps
I said my first words
I told my first lie
I had my first panic attack

Not much
that I have done
has changed anything
I can be easily thrown away

Nobody would notice
I’m nothing of importance

Just another being on this blue dot
I was born one day
like how I will die on another

Just like everyone else

People tell me
I will do great things,

They say I can,
But how can that be true
If it isn’t for anyone else

I walk this earth
I breathe this air
And just like everyone else
I’ll die here too

I am not special
You are not special
We are not special
Nobody is special

You can change that
If you know and believe that you can make the difference
The one needed
Then you will
One way or another

But you must prove that you can
Or you will go unnoticed as another one of
Society’s puppets

You need to prove yourself

You must show everyone that you are what you want to be
If you want to be important
Then prove to everyone that you can be

Because you will never be anything
You don’t show who you are

Don’t follow the crowd
Show everyone the person you can be
Rather than the person they want you to be

The greatness that is inside of you
will never be seen
If you are as everyone else

You are nothing but a mere shadow on the wall
Going unnoticed

Observing those who show their brilliance
Only wishing
To be more like them
To have the bravery to differentiate from the ordinary

However you don’t need courage
You just need to know what you want

Do you want to stay in the background
Do you want to shine in the spotlight?

This is the question that all the great must ask themselves
This is the moment where you decide
if you want to move forward in life

This isn’t a matter of if you can or cannot
Because as long as you believe
You will achieve anything and everything
Regardless of your abilities or disabilities

Everyone on this earth has a place
Whether you think this or not
It’s true

Everyone has a spot reserved for them
This is what I’d like to call destiny
The place where you are supposed to go
There isn’t a specific pathway there
It’s just a preset goal for you to achieve.

So if you believe you are destined to be great
Then you are
If you don’t
Then thats a shame

“Seeing is believing”
Yeah right
If you want to see a good future for yourself
Then you need to believe in it
Otherwise you won’t see

What you want
Will never come

Show that you are here
Find your place
Shout at the top of your lungs
“I am here!”
Because you are on this earth for a reason

You must find your spot

“Where am you in this world?”
“Where do you want to be?”
Sarah Carter Oct 2016
This is a message
A message to all the bullies and tormentors
These are the words that your victims wish to say,
but cannot because they are too scared to see what you will do to them in return
I have the ability to say these things
These things that need to be said
This is for you
The bullies

Why do you think it's okay to build yourself up by breaking others down?
The monsters people wished weren't under their beds
turned out to be you instead

How can you not notice that you are killing people?
This isn't just some joke

Other people's lives aren't your toys
that you can discard when you get bored of them
This isn't some game to the people you hurt

You treat people like dirt,
when you can't see their real worth

You don't understand what horror lives within your words
You don't understand how your words leave scars on their hearts
You don't understand it's not only our feelings getting bruised
You just don't understand

Because not all of us are the same
Not everyone deals with things alike
the thing that is the lightest of light to you
is the darkest of dark to another

Your words are and forever will be
You treat others as if they are just gum on your shoes
something you just want to get rid of.
Because once the gum is gone,
your shoes will look better

you are wrong
How dare you think that what you say
should be said
The people you hurt
they are the gems of this earth.

Just by the way you treat them
you are the gum on their shoes

The knives coming from your mouth
stab others
They leave scars forever
These scars can't be healed by a simple
"I'm sorry"
They don't heal

What you don't realize is..
The girl that you just called ugly
She has been given a plague by the names of
So, she can't help but take your "joke" to heart
It may look like she doesn't care
But she is walking away holding back the tears you gave

Then after school,
when you post about the victory you got from her pain on social media,
She is at her home,
in the bathroom
sitting on the floor
inflicting pain on herself because
what you said
she believes is true.

The next day,
she isn't at school
nor will she be the day after that
she isn't coming back

Yet you say,
"She got what she deserved"
How can you think this is just?
How can you be so cruel to the same person
you just killed?

She died by your words
She died thinking she was a burden
She died thinking she is a mistake
She died not ever knowing her true beauty
All of this because of your brutal words.

And you
don't care

How can you do this to an innocent person?
They did nothing wrong

Because this
This is ******
And it's not okay.

You bring fear upon those with kindness in their hearts
whereas you
have none

if you have just begun
Just started giving out fear like candies
Know that with each word you say
another part of your heart withers away

So, do me a favor and
Your words
aren't words at all
They are weapons
Don't use them without thinking first

You have the power within you to be good
You can change
You are able to be the difference
You have the choice
A choice of words

Because the things that come out of your mouth can

Choose Wisely
This is most likely not directed towards you (the reader), that is, unless you are a bully.  This is just something I wrote about something that needed ti be addressed.
Sarah Carter Sep 2016
Bright smiles and happy faces,
But not all is what it seems to be.
Everyone has a mask, each one different from the last.  
One may be close to truth, but never so.
One may be an entirely different as to what the wearer feels.
And for this one girl nothing has ever been real.

Do you know who she is?
This little girl who didn’t exist?
Her feelings?
Her thoughts?
Perhaps not.

Her peacocks are dead.
Her stars have been banished.
Everything is black.

I can’t just vanish

Ah, the night the darkest hour
It’s then she realizes she isn’t living.
She is only trying to hold on for just one more sun.
Just waiting for the night to be done.

But this is her last, and all that’s left
is her mask

— The End —