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JG Fletcher Dec 2017
It's been a while
Since I saw you last
I have so many things
That I want to say
First, how pathetic I think
It was that you tried to
Find a replacement me
Who's not as good looking
Charming or even as good in bed
He won't make you as happy as I did nor will it last
I know you still love me
So much in fact that you talk about me
In front of him so much
He's probably getting sick of it
Before long he won't be able to handle you and your perpetual sadness
You'll end things, realizing you made a mistake, and missed your chance at true happiness, and soon after
You'll contact me
"Baby, I want us back together"
And I'll whisper "no"
That person that I thought was the love of my life wasn't. I'm the happiest I've ever been.
JG Fletcher May 2017
Has it been this long
I feel like I'm rusty
Out of practice
Out of shape

It's time to get back into
The thick of things
To return to the limelight
I hope I succeed
Written on a peaceful late May morning, next to my sleeping beauty.
JG Fletcher Mar 2017
Why is it
That creatives like us
Gain popularity
A following, so to speak,
By churning out love poems
Lines of our past, often failed
Relationships and semi hookups

I know I am guilty of this
You caught me red-handed
But I'm inquiring because
Sometimes, the best food for thought
Is found in poems, not about love
But about failure, success, pity
Growth, maturity, lack there of

Maybe, indulge me
Maybe the best pieces of work
Are outside the realm of human intimacy
Written at a Starbucks while sitting outside, after crafting some weird abstract poem to paper.
JG Fletcher Nov 2016
I went to their bed
To lay my weary head down
Only to hold doubt
Haiku, written on a brisk November morning
JG Fletcher Nov 2016
****, I did not get good sleep last night
Actually, I hardly even slept
Days have been stressful
Seconds have become burdens
Tasks I once anticipated with glee
Dissipated into mundane labor
I'm not going out as much
Life has become a bit more difficult

5 years ago I did not foresee
That this is where my road led me
I spent a lot of sleepness nights
Dreading my past failures
My missed opportunities
How did it come to this?
Why has my demorilization superceded
The calmed demeanor and self esteem
I had once possessed

I feel like I've been living life without
Consequence and lack the responsibility
To turn things on the wayside
Furthering my progression to return
To that road of calmed demeanor,
Rational thinking and love
The love I once had for myself

I need some fresh air
Written on a November evening. A moment of self reflection, clarity and revitalization.
JG Fletcher Jun 2016
A bed is where we lay
Pondering on the separation
And miles we would be apart

A cabin to ourselves
Tending to goats and chickens
Our body temperatures mixing
It won't happen this year

I had too many ties down here
Your family awaited you up north
You'll be returning soon

But that time to ourselves
And the responsibilities of mundane living
Hikes set with foresty fields
Golden glows, meters above sea level
Will not come to fruition this year

It's only been a day
And today I choked up
On the drive back home
You choked up on your way north

I'm decent at letters but this will do.
Te amo, amore
Written during a period of geological separation.
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