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Everyday I wake up

I walk three steps and tire myself

Everyday I stand up

I walk five steps and tire myself

Everyday I tie my shoes

I walk twelve steps and tire myself

I walk twelve steps backward

To untie my shoes

I walk five steps backward

To lay down in bed

I go to sleep

To rest myself from tired-ly walking the same steps everyday

You're kidding?

The goat is on
the table.

The goat comes in
( doesn't even bother to knock )&

stands on the table
for a good half hour

as if it were  an art installation
or some obscure goat ritual

that humans are
unaware of

as if it were a phrase
in a foreign dictionary

the equivalent of
the cat sat on the mat.

And when the goat
is done

it just jumps down
and leaves

just as it came

as if it were
the most ordinary

of ordinary things
to do.

Even now, I still see
the ghost of that goat

even though it was long ago
made into stew

as if the goat realised
that a time

would come
& come it would

when it would end up
on the table

but not of its own

But right now
it is standing its ground

on the Melamine table top
with the pink gingham table cloth

and becoming that something that
just can not be

If only...
you were a.  p

I could e.  r.  a. s. e.

[                 ]
[                 ]

each line...

...I could

ecapskc a b

every.  ...   l e t t e r


If were

A ~ s°     n°
            O.      G.~~~

I could hit

               S }>k}>i}>p}>

I could p.r.e.s.s.


...l o v e...



..... FORGET///ing


so  -  d/a/m/n/e/d/

Fingertips like a ghost, he whose soul you've longed to touch
A whisper in the light of mourning
No darkness.
The baby comes in crawling, a trail of spit leaves a path
Two soft cries in the distance.

He dances with you, a bell of laughter ringing in breathless air
The earth’s moon hears the telephone from miles away
She doesn't pick up though you reckon it's worth it.
Takes you home.

Twinkling bright eyes staring back at you
The day you learned everything, toes on cold pavement
Wished you hadn't.

It's waiting to ****** you when your smiles are erased
Placed with something new.
Trying out my poem writing skills, a scholarship offer is coming up. Anyway, this is about innocence/growing up. All that jazz that adulthood does to you. (cracks knuckles) Getting to it!
What im afraid of is failing miserably with my dreams in sight
Going down without a fight
Grabby hands clatching onto my feet
Talking to the lavender girl from across the street
Myself, in a manic sense
My little sisters disappearing innocence
Loving somebody who only thinks of letting go of me
A harmless bee sitting on my sleeve
The things that scare me will soon come to an end
Anyway, most of it was always just pretend
edited after a year, lol. still afraid of these things.

— The End —