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May 2018
The broken Glasses and Plastic Plates
The broken mirrors that tell the tales
Of life I once spent in shadows
The lingering fears I silently swallowed

All the birthdays never celebrated
Tools and Knives contemplated
Hidden in the boxes, never to be found
Pistol in drawer with empty rounds

The music played but there's no sound
Within the walls of the haunted house
I knew that place,  I knew it well
My only home, we had to sell

Bitter memories, I try to forget
'Hide away , records and cassettes'
Take down the frames, hide the pictures
'He'll tear it all',  said my sister

The calls for help, you may not hear
Don't listen to the music, don't cover your ears
One cloudy day, I came back home
To find her face, in a bluish tone

Pretended that I never saw
Raging pain in my fainting heart
It was a brick, he intended to use
Changed his mind, just punched and bruised

I loved that record, I loved it much
He threw it away, it melted in the sun
I loved that picture in golden frame
He tore it apart, it was never the same

The life went on like this forever
Sky sees light, that our hearts could be continued...
Written by
     Hashim ZK, Wordmancer, ---, Dark n Beautiful and SPT
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