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samuel hdz Jun 2019
I survived for this.
A deteriorating body
An empire in rubble
An injured steed
A damaged queen.
To War I say!
"But how sire"?
"You're battle with death left you a broken king".
samuel hdz May 2015
To believe we were volatile is insanity
To Think that all of this was  a waste of time is ridiculous

To believe we were perfect is naive

We could have used some work.

We were pizza!

When we were bad, it wasn't that bad.

But when we were good....

Peter piper to the tenth power!
samuel hdz Mar 2015
It's been a while.
The usual didn't attract me like it once did.
Numb to feeling.

Waiting on emotions to poor.
The muse was a no show.
Nothing happened.  

So I left.

Only to return.
To leave you, the ink, the pages, my heart....
I can't.

So here we go again..
samuel hdz Dec 2014
Long gone from the times,  but better times have passed.  Kick in the ***. I'm old thus this is my classic. days like this don't exist. Enjoy the  trip and  the feeling. Soul  just at ease and healing. Chill a while,
 reality drags
samuel hdz Nov 2014
We're not family,
tell them different.
you're the family I chose, a permanence of my morality.
Rationality   need not apply.
Real friends aren't friends.
  Nov 2014 samuel hdz
Jaimi M
You wonder
why I wiggle
so much
why my legs
and my hands
Truth is,
my mind
can't slow down
It doesn't know
how to take a day off,
its far too good
at tormenting me
more and more
with each
passing second.

samuel hdz Sep 2014
I have this itch.
Scratch it to bone and the marrow still itches.
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