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Ayaba Babe Feb 2015
Like the sunrise
I want your first smile in the morning-
Your last thought before your eyes lie across the horizons of your skies;
I want your sunset.
I want your mind set
Fastened next to mine on the next jet departing to the next dimension.
Ayaba Babe Feb 2015
A woman is like a flower;
She blossoms.
The petals of her soul stem down to her roots, and
The bee that rests upon "she loves me" is the one who reaps the honey.
Ayaba Babe Nov 2013
Every night before I rest my head
I strip myself down until I am bare;
What's mine is His
So with Him I share.
I lie myself down across the bed and prepare to implement my prayers so that we may be intimate.
He enters me, penetrating my entirety
He relies on me
I ride on His serenity
Until He releases all of the devil's ties incising me
He restrains my frame and forces me to refrain from dancing in the flame
Cast by my demons.
Like draining,
He empties me
Of all residual sin remaining within
He comes
Into the heart of my soul
And we console each other.
Heavy breathing,
Until Amen
We continue on conceiving
Until I am whole again.
He smothers my heaving chest
With His Love
His Love
He covers me, in the midst of
His love,
He puts me to rest.
Ayaba Babe Nov 2013
Dinosaurs were in existence for 160 million years.
**** Sapiens have been in existence merely 200,000 years.
Will humans remain the dominant species on Earth... or are we simply a phase of life that will eventually be replaced? ...and if so, how so? Will mankind extinguish itself? Or is mankind -is the aspect of life itself- some type of chess game played by the Gods of the universe? By Gods of the universe... do I literally mean spiritual Gods and anointed souls... or do I mean the physical and chemical forces that construct and compose the world beyond the world that we live in.
What about dimensions?
Are the crossable?
Should I mention; they say that human beings are the most intelligent creatures alive. We exist and thrive off energies and vibes yet how many of us utilize the potentials possessed within us? Does that make us less intelligent than they say?
But who is 'they'?
Who believes in the extraterrestrial?
Who believes in Magic?
Are dreams a portal to things unforeseen?
Is there a higher power, or are all things reasonable and explainable through the documentations of science?
Have you ever pondered the wonders of Faith?
Does everything happen for a reason, or are all things coincidental?
Knowledge is Power and Evolution is Revolution.
Ayaba Babe Oct 2013

A linguistic signature to your word, as binding as cursive
I'm never sure if your tongue knows which curves to merge
Swerving across defining lines
Dyslectic joy rides, is it still considered homicide if you hit and run when the ink dries before you have the ties to derive a sentence.


Time served.
Grammatically speaking,
Your word
Is the act of dramatically seeking the exact adjectives and verbs to
Purge every truth from the definition of true.
Tell me why, in your book of synonyms is
Promise handcuffed to Lie...
When spoken
Words fly free, gravity is defied
When broken
Words are deceived, credibility dies

Words have weight and time is heavy.
Ayaba Babe Oct 2013
I'd die seven times if it took that many lives to be reincarnated with a destiny parallel to you.
Could get the best of me
Is it true that it could be, possibly-
That the entirety of the universe is versed to the melody of our hues and energies;
The strength and vitality needed for sustained activity,
A persons physical and mental powers,
Like electricity surging through cosmic showers...
Do you wish upon a star when you see one fly?
Have you ever flown high enough to gaze down at the sky?
The haze of the atmospheres often glares the heavens, but I'm prepared to take you there
I swear
We could frenzy through the air like acrobats
See, I've got wings on my back
Hold on.
I recognize the ring to this song
We've danced through the streams of my dreams
Amongst the pyramids at the first beam of the morning sun
The pyramids gleam
It seems the existence of life has begun
A King and a Queen and a universe to conquer and run.
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