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May 23 · 58
rgz May 23
you don't get me
I don't get you
rgz May 23
A willing captive
gripped tight by her eyes,
steely, grey
and sparkling bright
in love
I watch her talk,
a loquacious fluence,
and study her lips like
a foreign language

your attention is slipping.

not at all.

well, she said
haven't you ever been in love?

I must have been
surely, I think
or something more akin
to time standing still,
the sands sculpting a moment
of a thousand lifetimes.

of course I have.

where is your love now?

right here, I think
chronic and immutable,
boxed into lines,
safeguarded and sound
in dreams and reflections,
a farce of mimicry.

well travelled,
I would say.

like blood from a stone.
well, she said
I'm glad you came,
will you come again?

and she went,
leaving me
with a pocketful of sand.

of course I will.
I have no idea what I am doing
May 19 · 64
scratch portrait
rgz May 19
In the mirror lies
an unidentified twin,
eyeing dark lines
in light of the past.

Entwined in the finite
shedding of skin,
a reticent shadow
with shackles to cast.

As black and hollow
as ink over glass,
a lingering flame
slowly flickers and dies.

Shattering twilight
reveals at the last,
a birth to dust
from which we rise.
my mirrors are all cheap
May 18 · 129
rgz May 18
I tried
with thanks to BLT's "word of the day" challenge
May 18 · 157
ma_sk ON
rgz May 18
ur Fa¢es a
to dehumanise
to inc€ntivi$e
y.our neighb.our
NnNot y.our friend
it cou/d be y0u
you OR us
u r us
w3 are the ¢0llect)-(ive
a Unit
reAdy And Able
to b€e counted
e¥es and 4our willing limbs
a Pr0phet MachiNe
no 0ld man is anN island
No has a Fa¢e
May 4 · 52
rgz May 4
my back hurts

another night on watch
saturated in electric glow
holding off sleep

a battle I can never win
ever since I realised
my dreams are all the same

I've grown so tired
holding up lidless eyes

bones collapse
under a heavy mind

my back hurts.
now read it from the bottom?
rgz May 3
Bring me a man who gives in to the bright side,
who knows he's alright when he knows he's not right,
who reaches for new gods and gives in to their will,
who doesn't have a problem swallowing bitter pills.

Bring me a man who won't pity my existence,
who isn't the epitome of cold indifference,
who won't surrender to hell or leather,
who doesn't ever check the weather.

Bring me a man who can see the future,
who leaves the past stitched up and sutured,
bring me a man who can live for today,
whose only conviction is that he might sway.

Bring me a man of more than just stature,
who doesn't think to manufacture
words or acts or even thoughts,
whose free mind can never be bought.

Bring me a man who knows how to dream,
who knows how to sing and when he should scream.
Bring me a man with unclenched fists,
who'll bare his arms to save his wrists.
May 3 · 76
Stop, Drop, Roll
rgz May 3
Oh no what the **** have I done?
Took another flight right to the sun,
how many times can I go til I burn?
How many lines til my rhyme takes a turn?
I know it's gonna be at least one,
because I can't hit one and be done,
but I just wish I knew the reason,
shifting gears does seem appealing.

The gear's lost appeal and
my life's no big deal.
Graves are easily made when hearts and spades are paired so freely.

Both can take a beating and going all in's an unbeatable feeling so I keep going until I'm reeling, casting out lines so deceiving,
no one will even see them.

Standing on the bluff,
the bottom seems much more my scenery.

One way trip, could go either way
eyes downcast, I don't see the way,
downtrodden paths leading me astray,
one deep breath's all I need today.

One last puff and I'll be okay,
feeling like I could float away,
can't reach the bottom in an endless void,
if you aren't a body you can't be destroyed -

Then the ceiling gets in my way,
like rain clouds on May day,
sifting out somberly,
over skies, cold and grey,
and now all I have to say,
rhymes with monotony.
Monotone? Yeah, I'll say.

I'll reach the sun some day.
Apr 17 · 115
24 hour clock
rgz Apr 17
It's harder to keep track of days these days
weeks rolled in to one like daisy chains
chain-smoking, rolling like a crazy train
the rails are way back in the way station
and wait.
just for your information,
you're right,
train doesn't rhyme with station,
it did in your head beause that's my vocation,
a wee bit closer with a French translation
though let's face it,
I really don't have the patience
to learn all the intricacies of French pacing,
not to mention,
I don't quite have the space when
I'm pacing back and forth in the basement,
there's no replacement for the words I'm spacing
between my fingers and under the pavement,
world at my fingertips but I'm waiting
(to join in)
for now I'm spectating
and it's getting late,
or so my phone's saying,
the 0 the only clue 2 the A.M.
Apr 11 · 137
rgz Apr 11
most of us need a little bit
or else we'd have nothing to give
but if you don't get rid of it
you're giving it somewhere to live

it can pile up quite quickly
so you better be on your toes
it makes you feel quite sickly
when it lingers at your nose

but don't go disregarding
just because of how it smells
use it to grow your own garden
don't dump it on someone else
Apr 11 · 54
rgz Apr 11
there are no jumping cows.

no fields where trees
grow upside down.

they sprout from dead leaves

rising to meet the tired old moon
as it hangs
from an indifferent sky.

it melts away
like rain on snow

for the tiger tooth chaffinch
to make its home
among gnarled ebony
and shattered bones.

with a view
to excess vagaries.

they tell me
I should pray to god.
I'm not sure what for

and even though I'm
wicked as sin
I feel something.

something old.
something borrowed.

I could sleep forever
and a day
the violin won't play
like a piano.

there is no blue moon
and the sky
never cared a whisper.
stolen minds make something new
Apr 9 · 266
rgz Apr 9
A view obscured in clarity
Overlooked in surety
Determined by a nation
inspired by Mrs Timetable's gem, "Crystal clear"
Apr 8 · 66
Queen of The Damned
rgz Apr 8
I look at you and see my undoing,
a picture I paint from a memory.
It looks like you know what you're doing,
deceiving, as many looks tend to be

Flowers will always sing beautifully,
fearless and blooming in throes of a fall,
a lost language, ringing out truthfully
yours is the song I hear loudest of all

Devil-may-care, a lamb to the slaughter,
awaken the beast from a dreamless sleep.
Your petals fall to greet the still water,
a gentle sigh breaking through to the deep.

I hear your call and I feel so alive
I touch you and fall through an empty sky
slept so long
Apr 5 · 127
Fear: A Collection
rgz Apr 5
I. The False Mirror

that's how it starts
dull and creeping.
shadows in the back of your mind.
reassuring you that the smoke
from their furious fire
is only temporary.
"Look away
lest the Light claim your eyes!".
the thing with shadows is
the more you look away
the further in
they close.
as flames roar
the only sound you hear
is a soothing song
of dominion.
until your world
is a vision
of black alabaster
where you can't tell the difference
between shadow and caster.

II. Portrait of An Owner

we take the medicine
that consumes us.
leaks through the cracks
in our spine.
we make moves in the dark.
over useless pieces
of used-to-be heart.
they say
the road less travelled
doesn't go our way.
they say
many have been led astray.
so we wait
in fear.
with bated breath
for the next hit
to keep us in place.

III. a bête noire

we were promised planes
but given straw wings
tethered to the shore.
they remind us
we can fly
but not to aim too high
or stray
too close to the light.
that we might see
what Icarus seen.
living isn't being
without a doubt
he would tell us
he didn't fly high enough.
so, for the spectacle
we'll gladly burn
belonging to none
severing ties.
that's how endings begin
bright and sprawling.
life without F
Mar 29 · 261
I are that I are
rgz Mar 29

and cleaver


and liar


an­d actor
I.R. Baboon
Mar 29 · 1.2k
There is light somewhere
rgz Mar 29
after Bukowski's "The Laughing Heart"

my life is your life
it was never mine.
omission of submission
leaves no way out.
what's an offer of forgiveness
to a promise of betrayal?
a lost shepherd leading the blind.
under a loaded sky
someone sang
"there is a light and it never goes out"
a marvellous truth that
has taken my heart.
there is light somewhere
but not in my eyes.
heaven can wait.
the gods will have to delight
in themselves
a little longer.
Mar 23 · 290
Desired Needs
rgz Mar 23
I'll make the beat
    you bring a little melody
We'll find the words
    fit in to it perfectly

All we could need
    written in a reverie
Nightingale songs
    inscribed inside memories

Time is the tale
    of pen's wish, eternally
Yet none remains
    time is uncertainty

Ours is the ail
    of branching eternity
Unhear our names
    to learn who we're meant to be
and you, and you, and you
Mar 22 · 65
Seasonal Impression
rgz Mar 22
Find me
inhaling the smoke of summer dreams
blown in from somewhere far afield
breathe deep
observing the mountains of ash
dust on the periphery
recently undisturbed
from the beasts ever lessening visits
once, they were ravenous
a force unbound
now bound by force
consummately conquered
intravenously consumed
with cold inattention

Find me
immovable, unmoving
as artificial flowers in spring
copy of a copy of a copy of
delusion of heart
where wistful winds
erase the path once tread
breathe deep
the ghost of slanted seasons
here, in the autumn of all things
where the dead come to rest
you'll find me
and still
Mar 13 · 77
Pour Homme
rgz Mar 13
He has yellow teeth
like the tips of his fingers
Some way underneath
a little boy lingers

Awake and so fearful
he won't let you know
The man seems so cheerful
emotions don't show

He has yellow teeth
that beam with his smile
to hide what's beneath
His favourite denial

His beard is a cover
stroked to fine point
that no-one uncovers
the scared little boy

A man must be forthright
he knows this is true
but not about feelings
that just won't do

A man must stand tall
shoulders-back, breaking
Steady as a rock
shifting ground quaking

A man must be rigid
as collar and cuffs
Sturdy as bridges
and ever so tough

So he strokes his beard
in old amber glow
flashing his teeth
so you'll never know
Mar 13 · 605
Easy Options
rgz Mar 13
Don't lay down just yet
I know it's not easy
Heavy crowns need rest
you can't up and leave me
You'll take me away
if you take away you
Can you really say
it's that easy to do?
suicide is never easy
Mar 13 · 49
rgz Mar 13
or butterfly
he tries hard
to flutter by
Mar 13 · 293
Ash Traits
rgz Mar 13
a  drag
or a fling
the  same
| sparks  |
a    r u s h
of   breath
of    death
petite and
the   body
c r a  v e s
the   burn,
choking in
addicted to
t e n s i o n
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
just an old
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
filters and
used filler,
a   faceless
within  two
burnt souls
stole B's "harbinger" word challenge and tried making a Calligram
Mar 11 · 103
Fire Without Smoke
rgz Mar 11
her black eyeliner
is designer
to set your soul on fire

her lipstick
a red widow's kiss
a deadly encounter
readily missed

her necklace
delicate and strong
two jewels
to match her foundation

and her heels
the kind that do the talking
there's no place like her
so that's where I'm walking
Mar 9 · 198
rgz Mar 9
the tempest rages
a storm is all it can be
nature is absolved
if you're not wholly yourself, you're only half something else
rgz Mar 7
I'm not blind but I refuse to see
diamonds in the words I won't reuse to speak

I can't feel the heat I'm burning in
this is not a punishment that fits my sins

I don't care about the things they say
nihilism never mattered anyway

I'm not blind but I refuse to see
violins and violence in the atmosphere

I never felt
a height that I could handle
this is a jump
I have to try and take

the fall is calling my name

I won't listen to the strings I hear
tired of the melody and notes of fear

I can't fly if I don't find my wings
I think they got lost among the bitter things

I don't try to find another way
slowly trudging through another bitter day

I'm not blind but I refuse to see
I won't ever find what I refuse to seek

I never felt
like I could get so high up
this is a jump
that I would die to make

the fall is calling my name
‏‏‎ ‎
Mar 2 · 209
rgz Mar 2
vigorous willow
facing down a hurricane
the tallest tree sways
Feb 29 · 95
rgz Feb 29
words are words are words
whether they uplift or curse
Feb 27 · 144
Cryzstal Clr
rgz Feb 27
Look at the way she moves
I see her in my dreams
dancing with colours
painting shades of serene

The canvas she adorns
is layered with her screams
her name is dark here
but I see what it means

Her eyes have been tempered
through fire and deceit
to burn is the cost
of a lovers heartbeat

Her voice is a story
of violence unleashed
her words, allegory
cascade through me

When angels are fallen
only they grieve
baring their souls
they forfeit reprieve

Her blood is the reason
my veins are replete
she drowns in the flood
so I can still breathe
Clear as it seems
Feb 26 · 151
do, does, did
rgz Feb 26
There you are
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎
there you were
Feb 25 · 84
in 2 minds
rgz Feb 25
other people like                  you invite me to dance
making me feel                     like I shouldn't
clueless                                   if I want to
I know I never                       know a good time
even tried                               since last time
but I lost my step                  I gave it my all
stepped out of time              gave in to the fall
now I'm too tired                  to look up from the bottom
Autumn came                        just for the view
and left                                    I knew it well
the only proof                        of how a white flag
is the break in my back        a feeble tribute
and scattered leaves             shall never appease
A form I was just made privy to today called Twin Cinema, originating in Singapore it can be read column by column for 2 seperate pieces or line by line for a third. I thought it was pretty cool so this is my wee shot

edit: the formatting looks awful on mobile, I promise it's prettier on desktop mode :(
Feb 15 · 47
Sure Things
rgz Feb 15
I assure you
I'm no one you would know
one day, maybe
no one you will know
who knows
rgz Feb 13
It's all for the one's you'll never meet

a word
a system
a building
a philosophy

Their onus is ownership
intended or otherwise

what will you leave behind?
Jan 30 · 266
silent senses
rgz Jan 30
the taste of love
a bruise on your tongue
fading fast
made not to last

the sound of hearts
as they crash and burn
fall so quickly
ticking sickly

a look so silky
it can't be returned
a touch of sin
lost to the wind

etched into skin
a blank page, unturned
inked on a whim
just as sure to be burned
sure as the sky looks blue
Jan 30 · 211
rgz Jan 30
Without you, I'd die
you are the light of my life
lighter, I love you
I'll not decline a writing challenge
Jan 25 · 146
Take 2 and don't call me
rgz Jan 25
I use my prescription note
as a bookmark
a milligram per page
a page for every breath

the breath of wolves
of swollen air
and dreams too real

it's not as if
I really know the difference

I think I like it like that
Jan 25 · 97
Lie with me
rgz Jan 25
Tell me I'm the sweetest thing you ever tasted
let me know you need one more lick

Tell me none of this sugar was wasted
promise I never made you sick

Swear to me, until life do we part
down one-way streets and well-worn ruts

Let me know this bleeding heart
will survive a death of one thousand cuts
Jan 24 · 59
rgz Jan 24
My heart lies with the ones
who play with fire
blackened fingers
complement my eyes

Keep the shadow near
by our desire
we don't need to sleep
if we don't rise

I can tell you want to
get much higher
I've got what you need
you know the price

Angel, tell me
how do you trust a liar?
Tears and prayers
caught between the skies

My heart lies ablaze
in Heaven's pyre
lonely ashes
they complement my eyes
Jan 24 · 91
A strahl
rgz Jan 24
Stars are prayers the sky kept for itself
Jan 20 · 321
Seven x More
rgz Jan 20
I like a haiku
it doesn't need a title
it speaks for itself

I like a haiku
because it's simple to do
and not meant to rhyme!

I like a haiku
breaking rules from time to time
it's all part of life

I like a haiku
its complexities outshine
the simplicity

I like a haiku
it's always just the right thing
with just the right words

I like a haiku
it's a form like no other
beautiful and pure

I like a haiku
and I know you know it's true
but I like you more
some balance
Dec 2019 · 137
rgz Dec 2019
Duress is u in a dress
Dec 2019 · 98
I think
rgz Dec 2019

I'm doomed
something like that
Dec 2019 · 178
Robin Mood
rgz Dec 2019
You fluttered in
all red breasted and eye catching
in a robbing mood
but who would steal a broken heart?
and who would ever keep it
Dec 2019 · 242
rgz Dec 2019
she tastes like smoke and *****
with double the effect
Dec 2019 · 78
traffic lanturnes
rgz Dec 2019
ways can I
say the same old

times will I
feel out of my

long is
a piece of
I need sleep
Dec 2019 · 94
rgz Dec 2019
Irish blood
Lack of heart
This I'm made of

There is one thing on earth
I'm afraid of

But I
won't cry
just close my eyes

Life floats by

I've been dreaming of a time when
my mind might recover
from nights with no lover

Oh, god knows
no other Mother should know

these frightful endeavours
and fruitless forevers
all the sights I've discovered
and lies I've uncovered
how they haunt you forever

Go, tell the others
some other twisted story

Spin tales of bitter glory
distort the allegory
and the Tories
won again
to be read exclusively in a Morrissey voice
Dec 2019 · 134
rgz Dec 2019
fits like
a scarf
of fine silk

too tight
around my neck
two sides of a picture
Dec 2019 · 84
rgz Dec 2019
I keep holding my tongue in all the wrong places
Dec 2019 · 80
Idle chat
rgz Dec 2019
waiting for a response to a message I didn't send
I never know if the title counts
Dec 2019 · 101
rgz Dec 2019
o h   h  b   l  b   h o
o  b    h   l  h  b  o
o h   l  b    h   l  o
o  h   l  b   h  l o
o  b l  h  l  b  o
  o b   l   b   h  o
  o b   b  l  h o
  o  l   h    h  o
o  h  l   b o
   o h  b  l o
     o l  b  o
      o  h o
        o  l
            n d e r
          u          s t
         e               a n
    o n                     d s  
  o                             y o u
n                                 w h e n
y  o  u  '  r  e    d  r  o  w  n  i  n  g
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