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Jan 2016 · 344
Lady Why you
Baby I hit you with that pure magic
Show its just not in movie I produce miracles
Question 1
When you gonna stop messing with them **** fools under rating yourself
They can't amount to me
Them dudes some Str8 clowns
Sitting back laughing at them
I keep it real day in
day out
sun up to sun down
Style so dope like that Potent  *******
That fake **** I'm not with
Was raised to be real
So that's how I'm going stay baby
If you would just open up show me your true colors maybe you would see the man I am
why you fronting acting like you don't wanna conversant lady  
Not scared of you
Just don't want everybody all in our mix they gonna **** up the flavor making our chemistry all bitter  
It's none of they business so I keep them out
Eyes on you
Aiming for you
Gossip that's for kids
Not what that
Jul 2015 · 291
Tried of the judging
Tried of the opinions that don't regard  to me
Or my personality
Assuming without any clear
Evidence keep em coming fuel to my fire
A trouble kid since a youngin in diapers
Was just trying to find a way
To be heard
We all want to fit with our peers this time and day
Afraid to be ourselves
So we put on a front
A disguise rocking a mask
To cover up
to hide
who we really are
I'm no Kanye
I'm no Jay
I'm me Rah
The chosen one
To be you ain't heard
Aim high pass the stars
Setting the standard high
Be **** you break em
To intact
Did a lot of planning
Jul 2015 · 404
I can give you more
One thought
Two thought
Three thought
Can I bring them to life
they so fulfilling
Girl one taste of them will you so addicted
The truth is love is a drug
Don't worry bout a thing
I got you I care about you got to say
It way more then the physical appearance
whenever you need me there
I'll be there
Im your super hero
Protecting you from them bad guys
Oh lying guys playing with your emotion
Mission impossible
My drive so unstoppable when they pro taming to you
not a issue
Put a smile on your face
Lift you up when you feeling down
I can give you more then 50% give you 100% of me
Them other guys not like me
Stop the comparison
In a different era
Different type of breed
Know what you want and what you need
Let me serve you up
Give you all
The affection
Don't go back
Please don't turn back that
Jul 2015 · 602
Put my heart
My soul
My emotion into
The divine
Close my eyes
Meditate inhale the positive
Exhale the negative
Listening to the birds singing there charmful tune
The waves in water
Moving smooth Reviving my soul
At peace with myself
Clam clam thoughts
Take me to serenity  
Erase the wounds with
The pain I felt through the years and years of struggle
Before I get along with you
First I got to learn my self
Understand myself

— The End —