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  Jun 2014 quietly yelling
Jon G M
I write to you
I ask I ask
Do you read my poems
Will I ever know
If you read my poems
I write to you

Yes!!! I write to you  
Will you reply
Its just my way of reaching out
To say I'm thinking of you

You know
You know my words

You Know Who
I carry you within my heart
on travels far and wide
I feel your love with every step
your heartbeat times my stride

You come to me on birdsong
at the dawning of my day
a whisper on melodic breeze,
from you I'll never stray

You come to me when beauty's seen
in nature's finest things
the glory of a meadow wild,
the monarchs silken wings

You come to me when battles rage,
to softly dry my tears
and hold my heart there next to yours
diminishing my fears.

Then when the sun it sets once more
the time for roaming done
I'll watch the moon in grateful thanks
For you, my sweetest one.
quietly yelling Jun 2014
I want to treat u like a king *** ur my knight in shinning armor~

I want us to get our happily ever after!!!!
quietly yelling Jun 2014
I want all your brains and your dark side too~

I want everything there is to love about you!!!
quietly yelling Jun 2014
What a woman says to her lover should be written in the winds or on the water~

quietly yelling Jun 2014
Jupiter himself cannot separate two lovers against their own will !~

quietly yelling Jun 2014
When lovers get angry their love revives~

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