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Jan 2018 · 724
Ten little Niggaz
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2018
Ten little
Nine little
Eight little .......

Seven little
Six little
Five little.......

Four little
Three little
Two little.....

With a mind..
You ain't think about me..
Thought I would run..
But you ain't seen what I've seen..

I'll be the One..
That entices the other 9...
To Fight back..


Call me Nat

As I place the burner to your throat.
And watch all that talk choke
I just wanted to be free
But you couldn't leave me be..

So now its

One little
Two little
Three little......

Four little
Five little
Six little......

Seven little
Eight little
Nine little.......

Ten ******

Whipping that ***!!!
Nov 2017 · 2.7k
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2017
I empath...
In paths
Cross paths with your path..
Can't hold the weight...
Of your freight..
And the pain that I take..
For I care like you care..
Yet what I bare you can't wear..
How unfair..
I can't leave my weight upon your shoulders..
To fester in your dreams at night..
So who cares..
When your awaken in the middle of the night
By someone else's nightmares paths
Of pathological Struggle...
Become pathological..
The internal bleeding..
Of a empath..
Turns them psychopath..
The opposition.. For balance...
The mental.. Is like a dental ****..
Flexible protection..
Until it meets a sharp end..
And Then......
Depression seeps in...
And it'll take more than kumbaya
To regen..
Its the like sin.. I can't escape..
When its wrapped around your neck like a cape..
But what saves you from yourself..
When you need help..
From every one else..
You see I empath
In path with you...
Do you empath
Or bring me down too..
Quentin Briscoe Sep 2017
In our last episode many moons ago..
Our young hero burned into the sun..
Or so it seemed..
I Jumped in the light of a Flame.. I was consumed.. The darkness over came this superhero dude... Turning him full cycle .. Full ******.. Pressed in a Deep state.. Full idol..
Forgot how to fight back.. Forgot what gave me my power.. In land full of fake light.. I gain my powers from the Son.. The One... So I'm walking out the flame.. Clearing out the smoke.. Back in tho the shine.. Back to saving folk...
Well.. Back to all the girls.. Back to night time... I'm just a Psychosuperhero... Trying save the World...

Mar 2016 · 719
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2016
Dear journal,
I wake up every morning hoping to be the man I would find worthy enough for my mother...

Dear love,
This is for you...

Dear Lord,
I don't know what's in store for me, but you can see my heart... I pray that you guide me in the direction that leads to Your Will.. I ask for peace and comfort, strength and understanding....

Dear self,
It will all work out. It is in his Hands
Jan 2016 · 594
I believe i see
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2016
From your eyes I see my soul...
For you look past my skin..
Connected at the roots...
Between God and Men..
I believe we can survive..
From the fruits you will supply..
For your soil is rich..
And you wings say you can fly..
You've already blessed me
beyond what I can feel..
This is an angels destiny..
I believe that you are real..
I believe
I believe in something still..
There was a time where I lost hope..
But that wound you have healed..
Connected beyond the flesh..
On a different conquest..
I can make a change..
I can be my best..
From just your love on my side..
I feel so alive..
For I can see my soul in your eyes..
And it tells me We'll never die...
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2015
I'm sick... With a sin...
I can't get rid of...
I'm so deep pressed
With a weight I struggle to lift
I lie to myself...
In a bed of thorns ..
I am the rose ...
Waiting to be killed
I'm the name
Of Love....

Or ****..
I don't know the difference any more...
I thought I found heaven..
But I realized Im still alive...
Or maybe I been closed my eyes...
I just never made it to the sky......

A PsychoSuperhero
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
We are not the negatives..
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2015
We are Hurt....
We are Fed Up....
We are proud...
We are Beautiful....
We are Not The Negatives...

We are Baltimore....

We matter....
Mar 2015 · 593
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2015
You are my garden of Eden
My tree of life
But your fruit is the good and the evil.
Which way is right..
I'm drowning in a sea of emotions...
I reached for the Apple..
And bit more than I can handle..
What a marvelous taste..
But now the losses are in View..
I could have had the world..
But now I just chew...
Because once I swallow..
There be nothing else I can do..

My Sins are in View..
I know to much now..
Should have listen to you..
No room for love now
We believe that isn't true..
Bitten by the snakes..
But your all I wanna do..
Drowning for your love
But now I just chew...
Because once I swallow
I'll never get another taste of you..
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2015
Did you know I am black...
Have you listened to His story....
My mother's hands planted me strong..
I have roots of strange fruits
Swinging, But Winds can't move me..
Sweetly I darken as I ripen...

I believe in The Masters plan..
I speak master of no Man..
I pray that He Rewrites His-tory
Things Only the #Master would demand..
Don't be moved by howling hounds..
I Stand firm upon shakend ground..

Hands up, around my royal stem.
Feet dangle until a breathless end..
One pulls back as ropes tighten..
I think of what could've been..
Come get a taste of sin..
I feed the hunger of men..

Look at me strangely Like deformity
My skin bares no such impurity
I am the son of Light
Burnt in the bossom of RA
My power supersedes this hanging state..
I transcended every time I'm consumed..

You only have days to repent..
Hell has cold places for hatred
Now that heavens a breath away..
Don't hunt what you don't eat..
There is blood on the leaves
As you planted gardens of death..

One hangs on as Strange fruit..
Memories linger in the frozen air..
I believe we share some roots..
Tears water the branches we break..
Stories that can't end as His-tory
Dangling Fruits From the popular trees..
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2015
I've been wounded...
By the one part of me that said
"I will never hurt you"
Of Humanity placed in my cup..
As I sit in this Garden..
Trying to regrow dead seeds..
I choke.. On
My empathy..
Realizing that this
Death is just the begging...
Of a War...
1 million years in the making..
I can't save them all..
From the genetic codes..
Already intrinsically connected
Inside my sins. ...

Feb 2015 · 624
Meaning Faith....
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2015
I was thinking about you
googled your name and
As urban As you aren't...
The most beautiful and amazing girlfriend I could ever ask for. She has a smooth face and kissable lips, and she's crazy and funny. She can make you smile whenever you talk to her, even if you're really depressed. Her hugs are the best in the world.
I sure can't wait to see Imani "
Says the Urban dictionary
And that was you...
to a T
or to a Q which was me
because I remember how
how good you felt to me
Beauty I wanted to hold onto forever
Once I already let it go...
Cuz she gave me Faith to Desire
Words to design..
A feeling I require...
Thanks to Faith
I know how...
Please know that you're special
to me and to them
Urban Word Users
that have deemed you so Worthy
To be the definition of Perfection
longing for Imani....
Jan 2015 · 440
No ring
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2015
I was born without my third finger
On my left hand.
I thought that I was weird
for the first 18 years
cuz i felt like I was missing
But every one was made
for a reason
and I guess my flaws were
Nov 2014 · 594
Becoming Idol
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2014
Complex circulations of electric impulse.... firing in impulsive reaction to there own free will....Yet they do not think...and send out missions and directions to ****... that which was intended to heal...Now I feel all types of unwanted ****... infecting the young....Floating around in unwanted company...Hoping to gain death...Witch is the confusion of calling it blessed....See I've seen them looking around...but the only placed being searched is the ground...CC's of un wanted foes wandering about...In incorrect form yet perfectly round about...They have placed intricate circuits through out the mind...That have been set to detonate in time...Not blow no suicide bombers here...but to carefully inject the inception...Will you be fooled...misconstrued ..deceived to believe...that this is honestly received...or these impulse that have conjugated...To act upon what they feel...instead of what is real..No thought process...not time to progress...Only to stay the same...spreading to brain after brain.....after brain.........are you still >THERE
I love word play but my message is serious....
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2014
Fall prey to my words and you may be my Hagar???
Fall in Love with my Existence and I just may make you Sarah....
But are you strong enough to mother nations..
because I birth emotions, inspiration, creation....
Because God lives inside of me...
I can move mountains..
bring rivers from you peaks...
and make you weak...
then build you up high...
I'm that guy...
but are you that Queen?
that will make me Want to give you the world
And Outcast my Seeds....
I've always imagined Sarah as Foreva...
Birthing Miracles  
far greater than Mine...
Bending time...
and blowing my mind..
But You I have yet to Find
Or Have I
and its just not Foreva's
Oct 2014 · 491
Stone Home
Quentin Briscoe Oct 2014
Stone home....

October 13, 2011 at 11:45am

Broken walls crumbling pounds of rock...

That doesn't seem to stop..



This use to be a beautiful thing...

Where joyous souls would sing...

but now its just crumbling...


Vines that once supported the beauty...

Now have consumed it entirely...



The gray blocks of stone...

that once was a home...

But now its just nothing...


Emptiness that once was full...

of life, passion, fule...



Things that have been forgotten..

By this home that has rotten...

Slowly in time fading...


The love that once held it strong...

With the glue of its good song...



Now is just empty space...

Stone dying in place...

Can you imaging its great beginning..

Sep 2014 · 801
Quentin Briscoe Sep 2014
Its Wednesday and you know what it is....
So why are we still talking...

lets do this
see if you can tell me about your day
while my head is between your thighs..
try not to cover my ears...
I bet you can't do it
I bet you'll wrap your legs around my neck
until the earthquakes...
and mumble every word after tell me why.....
And I'll just say
mmmm hmmmmm
causing my lips to become vibrators
breaking damns
that can no longer hold back your oceans..
then I'll ask you again what happened today?

as your rivers runs down my chin
you'll kiss them
saying this happened today
as you place your lips around
my fully erected rod
You say "I'm now in control"
as you put Hoover, Dyson and Whirlpools to shame
leaving me so anxious
to be inside you...
to travel the depths of your seas
and get lost
so that I have no choice but to die there
You are Atlantis
and I am Poseidon
I'll command your waves to shore...
to wipe the land clean
of everything that stress you out
for right now in this moment
its Wednesday
and it is all your thoughts should be about....
Quentin Briscoe Sep 2014
The weight upon my back is heavy
Im weak, carrying around
extra weight....
You know my super power
aint super strength..
But saving souls...
and bodies..
I love killing bodies
Killer bodies
Im a sucker for
but this one on my back,
I gotta get it off my back
but I love it when its there
but its so heavy
Its hard to save them others
when You got 5 legs...
I'm ******
Now get on your knees..
And **** my boot...
Your sick
And I hold the serum...

A Psychosuperhero
Sep 2014 · 473
she be White Wave...
Quentin Briscoe Sep 2014
White Waves...Birthed under moonlit nights... I anticipate the freedom...the world of the deep...But I'm too shallow to dive in...To busy pretending to get lost... Feeling just the high tide of your into a way that you won't die... And paint me darker...Rough on the outside creating white sin..White lies...White waves...but this time no White men...For when i stand in your ocean You'll surround me... and I'll release my ******...Creating new life under the sea...White wave don't stop...keep crashing for me....
Aug 2014 · 1.4k
My first name is Brown
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
I was born wrapped in a black body bag.... They call that to lighten my appearance they try to remember me as a white outline.. chalked......upon asphalt.... and say it was this *** fault.... I was only known as an A...4.0 but I never made the cut... as I got my first F....Foolish Acts....Of being born Black... Or Incomplete...As I lay holed in the street...I hate the facts...that I will be a *****...even tho I know better...But my Ipod teaches me to ***** better... to be a NWA....a ***** with Attitude.... Not a NWP....a Negus With Pride... So I walk in stride... influenced like my ancestors... by music...rhythm and beats... See the devil knows what you'll bop to... rock to... So he muffled the sounds of Love and Peace...and Boosted the way of the streets... hoods.. and Lifeless...  So that You would automatically see me as ratchetness... When I could have grew to be the very definition of peace... Now I'm just another problem... and you'll never see me as a victim... only the agitator...because You've listed to the same beats, watched the same feeds and ingested all the fabrications as truths...They have taken it to far making the stereotypes WorldStars  And All I ever did was become what you wanted me to be in the first place....A Pale Lifeless outline of white Dust....That you will inhale without justice... #IamBrown
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
only see the Dark side
As a threating force....
Aug 2014 · 581
Black Power (6x6x6)
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
Place knives to throats and slit
We all will bleed red blood..
I can't take off this Humanity
You see me as an infection
Killing us off, openly without question
I'll reincarnate Black again, But Panther...  

Shall I stand for this injustice
Even superhumans can be shot dead..
Ask the symbols MLK, and X
How do we unify our people
The people will never look colorless
Dying from the silent growing masses...

Outrageous oppositions ostracizing organized optimist outreach.
Taking time to think that's trail
Hearing hurtful harm, Hard heading home
Everyone experiences earth's eerie evil effects  
Reaching ramifications revolving round recent Revolts
Some Stay Silent, Some Shout Supercilious

Teach us How to Sit In
Stamp me with a Bobby Seale
Certify me to be a Leader
Protect me with Urban Newton's Laws
Let my fist again mean Power!!
May my tongue Gather the masses!!

Will you wait until its you..
Locked down behind their Military's Blockades
They already see you as animal..
Show your fangs Bare your Pride..
They need no reason, Give one!!
Make them fear beyond their thoughts...

I am the soul of America
We are the Backbone of Liberty    
The land that grows your fruits
Our Blood runs through every root
We taught you how to survive
Without Color you are only European....
Aug 2014 · 1.9k
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
We are the roaches of men
They treat me like the left overs..
burnt and small..
crawling from the cracks
of ghettos
waiting for extermination..
But we just multiply rapidly
hard shells of soft skin..
that bullets constantly find...
they call it enforcement..
We call it fear...
they are afraid of our skin..
The power behind our beings..
They look at us as sin
We are the Roaches of men
unwanted house guest
feeling their
Creating more and more traps
for us to fall in..
Stomping our pride
with their steel boots...
Once upon a time
they could never **** our minds...
But they've found new forms of poisons
That have burnt us down
to smoking ourselves...
as if is normal to see a young black mans
skin leaking smoke from the holes in his chest..
the smells of burning flesh..
that once swung from branches
in the southern sun.
Strange fruits to...Weeds... to roaches..
I bet they'll test
the theory of survival..
when they nuke us..
You 'know roaches don't say much...
they just create a lot of scatter..
but they create louder sounds together
and we can't even stand united
so our voices will never be heard..
just left in ash trays awaiting disposal..
as the stench or our smoking silence lingers in the air..
When will our dying embers once again catch flame
and burn away this despair..
we are stronger than memories
denser than air..
we are Power
Surviving long after the many times
we were suppose to be extinct....
Choices of Strength..
that we need to find again
We are the Roaches of Men...
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
Periodically put pass peoples personal perceptions
Physically Pass Pompous Proprietors possessive profits..
Passive pupils perform persecutor's pineal priorities
Problematic Pastimes produce poorly processed plans..
Police purposely Prosecute pigmented Powerful Personas  
Peers, Perceive, Portray, Procreate Positive Progression  

#micromoments #6x6challenge #PtothesixthPower
Take the 6x6 Challenge!!!!
Aug 2014 · 429
give me
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
give m3e.

August 4, 2014 at 9:51am

give me a pen and a pad or board and a key...and im sing you a song a haromonic mellody...This what I do..this is what I choose...Not matter how you feel I just cant loose....So give me a letter a word a thought or a phrase....and Im lay down a piece and have you singin for days...Cuz my methods are ill...You get sick i got skill...These are more then just words there intended to heal...Give me a sight or a scene or a vision a dream...And i'll paint you a picture that you've never seen..So Im more then artist..Im kinda the nicest..Some people would call me a Wordologist...Give me an oo or and ah and F or an O...and I'm a make you feel good im a put on a show...Cuz Im your director...Writter and actor...My stuff is so sweet like your suckin on nector...Im a passionate fruit... an aquamarine.... I'm the water for Oceans... everything that you need....
Jul 2014 · 436
The only man for you
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
Do you think you can win over the heart of a woman who has made it clear she is not in to men....
I want her to be into this Soul...
See me beyond this male exterior..
Love me to the bone..
For her garden is rich
with knowledge..
Her soil is worth the watering
Because I know that strange fruits will grow..
in our Exotic Climates...
This Amazonian Goddess
flows purer that the rainforest..
She is as deep as many oceans  
and I want to be the mate
that guides her ship home..
but the strong mind that I love..
is the same strong mind that keeps us apart..
I just want to touch her heart....
In hopes that she can feel the love tonight
Lioness Let me provide a meal for you..
sit back while I hunt
I'll feed you in many ways..
may your appetite be quenched..
By a man for a change..
Nothing against your taste..
but you've never consumed me...
Let my words slip between your lips..
Now ingest between your soul...
Link me in to your Qi...
because I believe that's exactly where I should be...  
but I need you to as well..
I can only be the quintessence of myself..
In Hopes that you Fall deep...
Into the passion of my unique..
and there we can be one..
I'm all for love and fun..
so If I promise to be true...
do you think I could be the only man for you......
Jul 2014 · 10.3k
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
you found me
yes you infected
and now you wont leave
you would think i had ***
but its just an STD
but you wont let me be
not a bacteria
or viral
just a simple disease
that doesnt invovle a sneeze
im living yes i still can breath
but i still have a STD...
See she gave it to me...
I can spread this thing
and even if i would
i dont thing that I should..
see it would just complacate things
No we wouldn't die tonight
but one day we just might
not from the sores and the strains
but from the aches and the pains
of being lonely again...
See its a lot more complicated
then what you are making it
you think Im just disgusting cuz of what I caught
but I pretty sure its something u thought.
lot worst then yeast cuz that will leave
more like a Herpies or ***
even tho that isn't what I've received
And I dont have the funds to splurge
so I dont know if I can scure the cure
or if she even had the bug
enough that it could be cured by her love
I caught somethin that aint easily healing......
Espcially if you dont have the disease...
I caught.....Feelings
A sexually transmited disease
Jul 2014 · 936
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
Evergreens with Pine tops

and little ceaders too,

Sap brown, and moss ground,

with patchy skys of blue.

Serenity is,

peaceful secenery of,

dreams that do come true

and sweet portraits of love.

All made well by you

pictures of a better day

All with rays of sun

old memories of gray.

Lovey smell of fresh

Laid getently on me

mind clear,free of fear

Around Me, Serenity
Jul 2014 · 707
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
This mind is the treasure
You all hold the key
To unlock
this golden nugget
located inside of me...
Verbal emancipation
More than just a copper coin
Its like Fort Knox inside a skull
Located in Illinois.
All I need is one thought,
One Phrase,
one Word,
Might thinks its nothing now
But a billion pennies
Can change a egg in to bird
Boy into a man.
A woman into a Queen
I mean Its all in what you say
Are you living the Dream
or just reliving your dreams
You can unlock the writers block
just live, love, and believe!!....
So as I conjure up a potion
that will leave you spell bound..
I'm A Wizard off the Wall...
that once shot Bullets at your mind...
The good kind Don't worry
Your Kane, Kendricks, Murphy
So You've opened a Door
to a supernatural experience..
Its the PyschoSuperhero
Raw, Brisk, and Delirious
Jul 2014 · 403
My Existence
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
I don't want her to fall prey to my words....I just want Her to fall in love with my Existence....for having these words sink into your skins is its nothing for my tongue to do tricks all around your lips...You may think of me as a hunter...but I'm a lover...and I only devour fresh fruits... I want to grow roots...deep...because I'm long enough to stay planted inside...Rich soil...I mean what I have is worth growing...So your staring but your not right now you're telling me that your dying for something.... falling victim to the words...But what about me...Would you hold on to me for security.. hold my hand for guidance...lay in my arms for comfort...Use my body for pleasure. Or would you prefer to be at the mercy of my tongue... letting my words commit Glorious epiphyses on skin... Singing Euphoric melodies and hymns... Committing Murderous acts and sins... King me... Crown me and I'LL let you move like chess... Everywhere You will be a blessing, My best... So Lioness...What will it be? My Words? or My Existence??
Jul 2014 · 410
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
Whistle if you dare...
compliment if you must...
And Die the most brutal way imaginable..
at the hands of cowards..
afraid of their own imperfections
Will they still
Till you..
no longer for just the glare of a woman
but for the stunting of your pride...
the capture of your soul
The control...
beat your mind until your teeth bleed gold..
your fist scream ******
and your heart is broken
given you the mentality of a Dope boy
Not a Black Boy..
Fight for what he believes
Now you fight just to breathe
because Air ain't free
and neither is your smile..
because they've beating you senseless
unrecognizable as the Kings and Queens
you once were...
what a horrible death...
through the deception
that you will always be less...
Jul 2014 · 360
feelings (6X6X6)
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
I bleed emotions, Pain's a Feeling
I feel your skin against mine...
I feel our heartbeats in sync...
This Love is worth our time
Your Love Gun got me open...
"Can you feel the love tonight"

You've Shot me in my vulnerability
The tears won't stop falling down
I thought I was strong enough
You Queen have proven your power..
Don't go through with this tyranny
Your Love may drift into oblivion

I can't save you from yourself
I've poured all I had In
I would trap myself with you
So you'd never be left alone
two souls inside of one body
I know this would never work

I want you as my sunrise
Not as my moonlight at nighttime
Awaken to the smell of you
Die at the sight of you
You are the one I've wanted
I would do anything and everything

Can you promise not to run
I know I may look human
Far form this world is home
My father will call me soon
Will you be ready for departure
I'm nothing like most other men

You are the Goddess I requested
Demanding Respect Love & my time
Kings have renounced thrones for you
You are Glory in Heavens eyes
The Holy Grail of my choosing
Vow to you my entire Being..

(Do me a favor if your up to it. Read every line of this poem in a different order, not just changing each 6x6 individually then tell me what you got from it I wanna see the different interpretations)
Jul 2014 · 504
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
Stay Positive....
Or Fight the Power!!!
I'm a cool cat
cover me in Black
One fist in the air
and the other with a Gat.
Fight the laws of Physics
Huey Newton That...
Blow up fort Knox
We don't even use that..
So that Gold up on your neck
don't mean a thing
I'm steal a oil well
and rock me a Gas Chain..
I'm warning you world
you got my back against the wall
Do you know that my tongue
could assassinate you all...
The era ain't ready..
This vision is scary..
I'm a treat to the peace..
that's why they want me deceased
Start a united revolution
I'm bout to hit the streets..
cause the way it look now
that's where I'm bout to sleep...
all I got is passion
and seeds
revelational creeds.....
Father Ideas with
supernatural needs..
the death of a King
but the birth of a Savior
What a beautiful Thing!!!
Jul 2014 · 281
too long for you
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
My arms long for your embrace
eyes for your face
and kiss for your lips..

Because it's been too long..
days without you...
you turn my seconds to years..

For I fear...
You forgot..
how we feel....

in our connection
but right now I feel broken...

Pieced apart...
for I desire what's not here..
What should be near....

You get me by with
thoughts of
our moments,,,

But my heart wants you now
my passion...
wants to die..

right between your thighs...
Jul 2014 · 486
Beauty in the Ugly Things
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
We Find beauty in the ***** things...
the dirt beneath my finger tips.....
The black of my soles...
These scares against my skin..
These burns around my soul...
I've unwillingly given myself to many
countless times
I've used needles
To find that place over the rainbow
Where is the sun...
As I lay in this pit of Quick sand
nose above land
I breath with rocks against my chest...
Yet I survive!
Beauty in this ***** thing
Is not the appearance I put forth
but the story I left behind....
Jun 2014 · 369
A Dose of You
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2014
Give me a dose and run your words along my brain...
I said, I would love to taste your medicine.
because I feel you could keep me sane...
You make me want to work harder!!
Caught up in the void of Doing what I love
Or doing what ever Just so I can provide for you..
"Pretty Pink Baby Blue
Why don't you teach me something new"
and show me I can have it both...
The Means to provide for my Love..
why doing what I love!!
God only you can make this true...
but excuse my thoughts about my hands and her thighs..
My Soul in her eyes...
My flesh in her flesh..
I mean I wanna plant Gardens in her soil..
For I know you are fertile with rich wisdom..
Heaven knows how I feel for I can hide this burden..
But now you know to...
And no matter how confident I may feel
Your Strength is still intimidating and I like it...
So Give me a Dose of you
and I'll give you all of me..
In an never ending form...
Queens must have Rings!
Jun 2014 · 2.2k
diary pt 2
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2014
One day I'll be seen in code....
you'll see me as the one....

I propose we take a vote...
Let us call this vote Democracy...
Majority rules all you smaller Minorities...
The perfect concept for all equality..
Peaceful slavery for those unlike we..
Unfortunately the Minorities are reproducing rapidly...

Some things you just cant control. ..

I'm a temptation....singing songs that satisfy....but lust is so tempting...ain't it love....I've seen you drift into pleasure...without me....

I feel like I don't even know what substance is
In my own substitution... replace me...
I'm chasing something I don't know...Love...

If God never gave me the spirit of fear.....What is it that makes me weak???
For I fell from grace long ago....
I'm following a star....traveling far....I'm so close to it...but I'm unworthy of its power...for My flesh is weak...and my spirit is weaker...for I keep losing to something that can only do what I command it to.... the visions have already been seen...but the journey may never commence....the internal eternity....that I fear will never end...who put this here....where did I find it...or is it prophecy...that I suffer from my own poison....with no cure...I wanna break what I Know to be perfection...because somethin's missing..and this not the same level of enlightenment that A wise man once thought it'd be..

Looking for something brighter than tonight
At the mountain's peak I'll jump
Life is the perfect untold story
Through heavens eyes I'll see imperfections
The absences of everything but light
Spectrum, I see nothing but color....

What was life before a Christ?
Heard Jesus was born in summer
Is it really tax season already...
Oh I forgot the same struggle...
Now I just have more hope...
Even Christianity had a human sacrifice

I've died before, Life ain't new...

I'm so shallow looking for beauty ended up with a bunch of *******.

Baby I don't want that ketchup, that mustard you can keep that.. no condiments for this hotdog. Just a tall bottle tats soaking wet. I want that grape fruit that ocean spray... I'm the burger King I wanna it my way...Bermuda me with a landing strip...a lil peach fuzz leading to the trip...cuz I'm a dive in I'm going deep.. like 20,000 leagues inside of her sea...
Would you like to hear Honesty
Honesty, I was lying to myself
Through Honesty we are set free
Tell me how real Honesty is
I'll give Honesty nothing but love
But love give me honesty Please

She tells me tales of Ex's
Those seven evil Ex's I despise
Ex's are placed in past conversations
I'll Ex anybody that does otherwise..
I too have become an Ex
Now it's 8 of us Ex's

Where most souls find there sanctuary.....
In front of wells of Poison...
Let me drink this till death...
Juliet you were my only reason...
Let it run through my veins...
Done in the name of Love...

I am all ***** and pens
Deadly combinations form my unwanted sins
Got uncharted pain in my veins
Cause, I'm great at the game
Diabolical schemes Never tried to explain...
What happened to me I'm enchanted

The Jones...I mean I wanna be a cool J...nice clothes, fancy cars I wanna live the Rich way...but I only dream in clothes borrowed from I just sit back in jealousy...trying take the things I see..I hate you for you Jonesish ways...For all the things you did today...I'll never get the things you have... so in my anger I'll sit back and laugh...while I sabotage your good time..while I hate on that which ain't mine...I know you do the same things too...Its envy that's just what ****** do.... #sevendeadlysins #

I feel so terrible.....yet so alive...
There's no feelings in goodbyes...
Just thoughts of lies.... that may have been truths....but not in your eyes...  

baby it's cold outside
but I've been awaiting you.
may we freeze apart..
or melt ice together...
because the fire we create..
burns in any weather...

We were meant to light the world..but a blizzard came between us...and if we don't press on..we can't save the souls that need us...don't let fire go out...don't let our souls burn cold...I know I put snow on the ground...but together we can clear the roads...let us burn in each others arms...then freeze at the feet of snow...
May 2014 · 1.4k
English 6x6
Quentin Briscoe May 2014
Thank You to the English Language...
So many different combinations of Six!!
I could Six On for Years...
Clever Phrases, Witty Punchlines, mindless cliches
I can six away your fears...
Universal Latin I six silky Satin
Support my movement Write A 6x6.
6lines 6words each line
Each line can stand on its own.
So the poem can be read in any order
Apr 2014 · 555
LLL (Letter to Lois Lane)
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2014
Dear Lois,
I wish I could be your SuperMan.. but I'm nothing more than a human...working on life...and I don't have the power to give you every thing you want in life...this mortal flesh tho venerable was heaven sent...let me be your angel and fly you to heaven with my finger tips...10 ways to love you
1. Always *** late...
What's the fun in being early...when you haven't even gotten there yet!
Shoot we can always come together...
2. Own stress *****..
.so that I can relive my stress before I get to you
But strengthen my grip so I'll never loose hold of you.
3.Sing to you....
I know I'm no Marvin Gaye...but I'll never be a Chris brown...but I might just bow wow and hold you down!
Sophisticated like I'll be Nat King Cole...But you might need a little Ruffin cuz your my favorite temptation..
4. Work out...
I gotta stay a fit for you. For Ill never know when I'll need to rescue you...I know you can hold your own but I want to always be able to lift you. No matter how heavy your baggage gets. Be your fantasy with my shirt on and my shirt a crowded room or if it's just us...
5. Eat your cooking...
6. Keep a job even if we're living a dream...
7.Invest into you..
Hold all the bonds in your stock.. place my time in you hands..for I know that you are something worth investing in..cherishing...Be your **** when your not around...but listening carefully to your directions so we won't go down...
8. Take you on dates...
Yes McDonald's counts!! Unless your a Vegan then you'll just have to watch me eat...and cook when we get back from the movies...I'll bring some Kale Chips..Show you brand new worlds that we will explore together... keep you on your ll never know where we're gonna go.
9. Tell you your like wine..
How you intoxicate bliss...sometimes I might get a hung over...but I'll run right back to you age so well that I look forward to enjoying you years later...I'll spend a lot on you..keep you well preserved and I'll sip you smell you enjoy you...mine mine mine...
10. Create Love with you...
As we right our own definitions...on canvases...of paper..hallways...bedrooms... car seats...PTA pews...Classrooms...amusement parks...bowling alleys...Movie theaters...and Skin....
History between an man and his woman....

But remember Im not no Superman but I will do my best to be the best that I can...

Clark Kent.
Apr 2014 · 1.1k
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2014
Everyone is put on earth for a purpose.......
So until I fulfill the purpose I am protected...
What if I have already fulfilled my purpose and Am no longer needed.....
What is keeping me alive?
My good deeds....My faith? or Love....
He'll call me home one day....
But how great I am I destined to be?
What if this is it for me...
I mean what If I reached my plateau?
Or what is My purpose all along was to die....
To show someone that life is not something to be taken for granted....
Or To show someone that there is a Love so great that someone would die trying to save theirs...
So in my last moments of life. I think my first Question will be did I fulfill my purpose?
or did I just waste every chance that I was given....
My request wouldn't be sorrow I wouldn't want you to cry
I would want you to leave me messages answering the question I will never know the answer to....Do You feel I fulfilled my purpose?
Mar 2014 · 667
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2014
Im tryin not to be to complex..
life for those who need that...
i find them able...
movements change while
characters remain inplace...
lines that create emotions
about the face...
But dont move whats inside...
becomes simple
we need to collide...
Strecthing love throughout the spot...
for real this time
please you have to stop...
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2014
I'm trying really hard not to knock you off your feet...
Cuz i just want be that man your father said i should be..
But that man I could never be...
Cuz there's a complex in my brain...
and it causes me to cheat...
see that's what you call it...
I call myself a hero....
Save all the girls...
but right now I'm at zero...
Signed- A ****** SuperHero
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2014
I question myself... When was the last time....
I've been all work ... No time to unwind...
Yesterday..Today....All of last week...
I've been grinding...for a purpose...
I can't stop for one day...
But if I did , if I stopped for just one day ...
I would be all play... Forgetting my cares...
Walking barefoot in the down...
Laughing... Just one day ,
forget the master plan..
But what if it would have been the plan all along...
to relax...release my stress... the manipulation of free will..
My soul would be talking to me...
So easy to feel when I let go of the world and just be me..

My destiny, my ensure I still exist.
Waking me back up, hitting me on the insides...
I don't want to resist ... Bring it into creation ... What always did exist
Truth....that I gotta grind to survive...can't get lost inside this mind.
Being a slave to a time frame... 9-5 causing all my distress ...
Wasting me away... Suppressing my talent and keeping it at bay...
an honest days work... But I could do better... I'm suppose to be GREAT I say... But is it too late?
To be a rebel! A guerilla on a mission..
to feed life into a nation of deadbeats..speak words like an apostle...
until they're willing to crucify me...John the Baptist me..
Better yet Kennedy...Malcolm X...Realize my Potential and straight up King Me!
Check mate because everyone that was great, met a similar fate.
There is no debate . You wanna be great.... Then you gotta be brave...
Pray for courage, because theses hate filled people will discourage ....
Like prior examples and media samples..
Propaganda, but the truth of it...lies within the proof I spit....
wake up and smell the **** piles...wake up and see the waste land...
we are in the matrix and you chewing the wrong pill..
because life feels good when your frozen under a deep chill...
Reality the land of the lazy, non doers,
pessimist unaware of their own personal power ... Reality ...
Why do they hug this coward..
Why can't we hug a ****...perception fed...through a long tube of B,S
Deception.... as I place my feet in the sand...
that the beach is as good as it gets..
Fighting against society rules yet embracing the truths ...
A **** might have a good heart... But how did he get that name...
Probably bad news ... I want to give him a chance but I won't be the fool...
Just my luck ... Society flips a coin and I'm stuck ...
Stuck in an earth suit... Yet my spirit is it's own world ,
no matter where I'm at... I feel the sand between my toes...
I choose to bring happiness in my soul.. Everywhere I step...
Joy....From the bottom of my soles..
My light glows and I remember I've been working just as hard...
so maybe the sand might just be doing its job....
All I have to do is be my true self... That's the energy...
Straight from the source... The best light I know... Used to create me...
For I am God flows through out me!
collab I did with one Jewel Sweeting!! Wonder if anyone can tell out lines
Mar 2014 · 696
item (6x6)
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2014
There's a war for my soul.....
For which side do I aid..
Death will surely choose a Victor...
Half Angel, Half Devil, All Human....
A rope that shall be Pulled
Am I soul or an objective...
Mar 2014 · 1.1k
Writing Love
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2014
I want our words to make love....
Let us wine and dine in pen...
Ill kiss you from the page...
We'll create no biblical sins...

So poetic
that my physical is pathetic
I mean I fumble words around you..
But when I create, I'm no fool

Subdue you...
underneath you..
I'll ***** you...
Make your feet move..

Give you shakespear cues...
Show you which way to play...
As I write out scenes of love
That last for hours into days...

I'm no genius Just a lover
That gets off to syllables
I passion write in purple
Cause the red is full of bulls...

Let our I's Collide
As we make human i Ts
Saving Graces for our diner
for in each other we both feed..

I'm sure to say I do
If you read a little deeper...
But don't read too fast
cuz I'm know to be a sleeper...

Silence is my killer
Verbal language is my gun
As I have no set targets
go on killing sprees for fun..

Im a ******
Leave women lifeless in bedrooms
Bathrooms, car seats, tee pees and Breakrooms...
Let us have a pow wow...

For I'll empty life into you...
Birth a new prince...
All in the way he touched you..
While leaving no finger prints..

Let Our words..
make Love....
Feel Death...
and Receive Life...

For I Created this to tell you
I want your soul tonight...
but every time you'll read this
You'll know that love is Write...
Feb 2014 · 1.5k
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2014
Opened up to a breeze from the cold
Stuck desperately looking for that  one to hold
As the wind rushes in
my mind begins to spin
from the tormented spirit that is within
From the torment that I want to end
Open to hate formed by sin
Sin formed by hate
As my portion is killed by fate
As This window is my only escape
But I fear I'm to late
to pass through
so without a clue
I disappear from view
only to make it though
because safety is hard to find
in ones mind
As peace rest way behind
A place thats confined
but theres always a window
to pass through
away from the sin and into the sun
Jan 2014 · 979
Loves Deadly Sins
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2014 Lust.....
So I have no choice but to desire you...
I want all of you....
Even when I've had enough...
I'll take my good old time...
If you leave me....
What ever has your time...
To say You're all mine.....

You will be the Life in me.....
The Love in me...
The Death of me...
For this is what love causes me to do...
Inhuman things...
that I just can't control...
Because I was born in the world...
But you hold my soul....
Seven ways to heaven....
I'll die without the 8th...
For these are all inside my body...
But for Love I had to wait...
So Inhuman...
Jan 2014 · 751
6x6 (polar)
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2014
Chick Magnets, Dreads beards and Tattoos
Me; Freeverses, Micro moments, and Haikus
rhythm I can't beat without you..
Melody I can't sing without you...
Feelings I'm all caught and ****...
I'm Just on a polar end....
Jan 2014 · 323
I wrote it before (10w)
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2014
If it took a million
How many would repeat?
Dec 2013 · 578
Myself (6x6)
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2013
I feel like being myself Now
Now, I feel like being myself
I feel like Now being myself
Being myself now, I feel like
Myself Now, I feel like being
Feel Like I'm Now being Myself
What's a 6x6?
A 6X6 is 6 lines long.
There’re six words in each line.
Each line is a complete thought.
Every line stands on its own.
Together lines suggest a central theme.
We’re coming to get you haiku.
Dec 2013 · 549
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2013
My honesty is never understood...But everybody loves my lies!!

I wanna be completely open...but my past may not rest well..may not die easy..I mean..I may not past the test...if you knew the ones before I cheated..did you know I'm in love...With multiple people...But I know right then you'll say then you don't know what love is!!! But I am love...the purest my dictionary...But I'll never fit into yours...beside Prince Charming...If you knew I was 25 when I woke up a 17 year old sleeping beauty...My demons cloud my perfection...I a man baby couldn't you tell...I thing with my head...I love to hear you yell...Why are you surprised..but again I'll could never tell you that's my rather hear my falsifications...and fall head over heals in to this fantasy...that won't end happy because you never fell in love..with what you asked for...My Honesty..
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