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Mar 2015
You are my garden of Eden
My tree of life
But your fruit is the good and the evil.
Which way is right..
I'm drowning in a sea of emotions...
I reached for the Apple..
And bit more than I can handle..
What a marvelous taste..
But now the losses are in View..
I could have had the world..
But now I just chew...
Because once I swallow..
There be nothing else I can do..

My Sins are in View..
I know to much now..
Should have listen to you..
No room for love now
We believe that isn't true..
Bitten by the snakes..
But your all I wanna do..
Drowning for your love
But now I just chew...
Because once I swallow
I'll never get another taste of you..
Written by
Quentin Briscoe
   Sally A Bayan, victoria and Darren
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