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12.3k · Feb 2012
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2012
The Mystery is....still a mystery...
So i slove what i can...the problems of man...
The Mystery is.... still a mystery...
So i love who I can...According to plan...
The mystery is still a mystery...
So what will i find...Inside my mind...
the answers to some...the questions of all...
Where do you run... Who do you call...
The blessings of life no mystery there...
Just Call out his name for he is everywhere...
The Mystery is whats taking so long...
Let him into your heart thats where he belongs...
10.2k · Jul 2014
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
you found me
yes you infected
and now you wont leave
you would think i had ***
but its just an STD
but you wont let me be
not a bacteria
or viral
just a simple disease
that doesnt invovle a sneeze
im living yes i still can breath
but i still have a STD...
See she gave it to me...
I can spread this thing
and even if i would
i dont thing that I should..
see it would just complacate things
No we wouldn't die tonight
but one day we just might
not from the sores and the strains
but from the aches and the pains
of being lonely again...
See its a lot more complicated
then what you are making it
you think Im just disgusting cuz of what I caught
but I pretty sure its something u thought.
lot worst then yeast cuz that will leave
more like a Herpies or ***
even tho that isn't what I've received
And I dont have the funds to splurge
so I dont know if I can scure the cure
or if she even had the bug
enough that it could be cured by her love
I caught somethin that aint easily healing......
Espcially if you dont have the disease...
I caught.....Feelings
A sexually transmited disease
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2013
I get all the girls, all the girls,
i get all the girls, all the girls
I save all the hoes, all the hoes
i save all the hoes, all the hoes
I cant find me no women...
no women..
I couldn't save no women...
-Diary of a PsychoSuperhero
7.9k · Dec 2011
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2011
Cold mornings but yet i dont feel it...
Cold blooded soul
Got a heart with a hole....
No sealent...
30 and below
i wont start to show...
Black ice on the ground tell me you can see it...
Tropic antiseptic...
rubbed across my skin...
novacane injected...
followed by a pin...
No pain, just frost bitten..
with no mittens...
ground across my belly..
Eat the fruit I know your hungry...
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2012
Extra Extra ...Read all about it!!!..The time for the righteous ***** is dead...You claim Your stature of limitations..But all you got is knowledge...Let me reconstruct the past...That the ones you preaching to don't share croppers.. to steal mill workers...Cotton pick bootleg ‘ crack rock..**** ‘en...They got Aids from monkeys..So lets give it to all the monkeys..They know to much lets bury the smart ones under all the dummies...Rise up you righteous *** Shabazz..With more medals then Marcus Garvey...but this dispositions is thicker than the stash on Steve Harvey. Cuz the kids they love the Wiz...and all the green he smoke...Forget the yellow brick road...its these white bricks they see as Gold...But you so righteous with black power on Your bumper sticker...And so sweet that your water start to be thicker...then blood...with a hood that attack your own progression..You Been righteous for so long..with hope you feel depression..that you accuse your brother of mental retardation...urban gentrification...when he still live in the same house he did the year before...but you been moved to the east side on the top floor..You righteous *** ***** you been pronounced dead...back when them bombs hit over Bagdad...they waved the white flag..but you just made it easy...cuz you still so done Got Fat, Turned Gay...and rallying for pride marches...Cuz you don’t know what else to do...your time is over..Them black cats use to be panthers, now you dress them up...and placed us all in a new minority...just to keep your righteous priority...Are You still looking East, or have you finally excepted the West..
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2013
Im watching over them...those freaks and perverted beast...the dark flesh that owns the land..I save them from there doom...keep them out those job is to protect the I sit...I glimpse and I see a ray of hope...
Purity...from the ***** of my imperfection...I began to be aroused...thought about swooping down, in a single bound..being so cliche'..but I've since grown from my stereotypical ways....Cuz this world here ain't kind to no hero..this worlds only sin painted in a mural...But she could be the chance to save the day!!...But they wanna **** the hero...they say **** the hero....Try to save the hoes...but I think I save a woman...kryptonite to my sins...She could be the cleanse...I could actually win...
-Dairy of a ****** superhero.
5.3k · Mar 2013
Fitness Slave (10w)
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2013
Cuts in my arms,
I've been whipped
into shape!!!
5.3k · Apr 2012
P.S.A from Lewis C Fur
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2012
I don't sleep,
You slumber
Your weak,
I hunger
For flesh,
Your flesh
that you will desire
I temp you with fire
heat upon your bones
send you comfort in cold homes,
I play when your awake
plan then you par take
Hahahahaha I'm what you want
make it easy or els I'll taunt
Come and join my craziness
These things will be your happiness


Forget the rest of life its Lame
No respect of truth
Lies Lies Lies
You all love the lies!!!
I'll never leave your side
No seat belts on this ride
HAhahaha I'll Win
Cuz all you want is Sin
So go head and close your eyes
Cuz You'll never sleep when you die...
5.1k · Jun 2013
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
I have few bonds...
I'm covalent....
4.7k · Apr 2012
P.S.A from Gee Suscries
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2012
My child I love you
Do you love me too?
I promise just believe i do
And i will be true.
I never close my eyes
Im always by yourside
To protect you from the enemey
because you are a friend to me
I will bless your soul
and make your life feel whole
don't worry for materials
For love regins Emperial


And all that you need you'll find in me
just trust and Ill guide you where you should be
truth truth truth I say
Im the light and the way
Walk with you in the sand
place you on dry land
I died for you and made a place
your in my image you have my face
So please Believe and really try
and know that an eternity awaits you when you die..
4.7k · Feb 2012
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2012
I looked in the mirror and I saw it
The hideous thing..
Seeping from my nose
Peeking through my eyes
stretching from my ears....
Something that wasnt me...
but apart of me...

And it surround it me,
held me like a mother would its child
and I accepted it
because it comforted me
made me feel secure
but I was far from safe,
The mirror became my prison
that internal heap of filth
made its way to the outside
trapping my true will inside
and it be came me..

stole my identity..
walked like me, spoke like me
but led me around blindlly
Im sorry, Im sorry
Im tryin to take back control
but he won these precious min
cunned me to give in
this Vile beast that feast
on my flesh and soul
I have to win this battle
not just to save my self
but those who i love so.

This darkness can't take over me!!!
Im declaring Victory!!
4.6k · Mar 2012
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2012
Talent is a gift that every one cant receive...
But Greatness is a task that everyone can achieve.
With hard work fuirts can be conceived...
So just take a deep breath focus and believe.
You dont alway see the fuirts I do produce...
but you will taste the flavors they will let loose.
One way or another greatness will be achieved...
and when you find that way this message has been received.
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2012
The sun falls...and the freaks are on the rise...With my Cape wisked behind my back...the freaks are on the rise...
I save you from their touch...I'll keep your out their grasp...Cuz im here to save the world this is what you asked...And she screams...I go to grab her hand but instead I grab her ***... and as I lift her from the danger....the freaks are on the rise...she looks me in the eyes...opens up her thighs....and claims I am her savior...Cuz the freaks are on the rise she can see it in her eyes...I'm the hero of the world here to save the girls...cuz the freaks are on the rise...and I can see it in there eyes....#****** superhero
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2013
I can't seem to stop the rapeage... they love being forced into *******...only average...beings...but i m a super-dude...with a super human john...need me a Mary Sue...a super average Don...Im sick of flying from town to town...trying to save the hoes...I wanna be a father...A super hero dad...**** helping these strippers..cuz men only love dem strippers..and I see they all in love... ****** all the girl...stealing all their love... so Im just ******* all the girls tryin to make them see...That if a superman don't love them, then neither does he.....
-Diary of a PsychoSuperhero
3.6k · Jun 2013
lonely masturbator
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
I read a poem once
titled "the ballad of the lonely masturbator"
and I laughed because her name was Anne.....


then I found my self cleaning floors....
by myself....
restocking toilet paper....
and suddenly nothing was funny...
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2012
Here i am... Again writing to the I am...Friend trying to save the girl...This S on my chest aint for games...but Embedded in my soul so I can make a I am...Miss im different so we're both the same...These Powers are strong but you have yet to call my name...but here I am...
trying to save the day...From your polluted air waves....that plays in relay...These blades in my knuckles dont just pet and tickle...but the stab and ****....cutting faster then the I am...Again screaming to the world...Here I am...Tryin to **** the girls...Tryin to **** the girls...Cuz I've be programed to saved the world...But they forgot to tell you I wanna **** the girls...Cuz they all want to be saved...Let them scream my name...I'll slay the ***** monster Cuz here I am..Again....trying to save the world..******* all the girls....#Diary 1 of A ****** Superhero
2.9k · Aug 2013
Smelly (haiku)
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2013
People say dumb ****
Manure doesn't smell to good
Neither does your breath
2.7k · May 2013
InstaGram (10w)
Quentin Briscoe May 2013
How rude!
I stare at
all these people
and like.....
follow me @breezybrisk
2.6k · May 2013
Its Friday Morning
Quentin Briscoe May 2013
Its friday morning
and all my tears are washed away
all my tears are gone today
Is friday morning
And my rain is gone today
all my rain is gone away
Its friday morning
and my sun in shining today
all my sun is shine brightly
Its friday morning
and from just one night of sleepin right
Of makin love with you all night
And feelin love in all its light
Everything feels so right
Its friday morning
And here you are next to me
Here you are touching me
its friday morning not saturday or yesterday
Its the perfect time for me
to say I love you I love you I Love you!!!!!!
Its the perfect time for me to say I love you.........
2.6k · Nov 2017
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2017
I empath...
In paths
Cross paths with your path..
Can't hold the weight...
Of your freight..
And the pain that I take..
For I care like you care..
Yet what I bare you can't wear..
How unfair..
I can't leave my weight upon your shoulders..
To fester in your dreams at night..
So who cares..
When your awaken in the middle of the night
By someone else's nightmares paths
Of pathological Struggle...
Become pathological..
The internal bleeding..
Of a empath..
Turns them psychopath..
The opposition.. For balance...
The mental.. Is like a dental ****..
Flexible protection..
Until it meets a sharp end..
And Then......
Depression seeps in...
And it'll take more than kumbaya
To regen..
Its the like sin.. I can't escape..
When its wrapped around your neck like a cape..
But what saves you from yourself..
When you need help..
From every one else..
You see I empath
In path with you...
Do you empath
Or bring me down too..
2.6k · Feb 2012
Before I die
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2012
I tell them that Im struggling they say write a Poem...
I tell them that I wont eat today they say write a poem....
I'm asking for a better way they say write a poem...
I wont get no sleep today they say write a poem...
I tell them I owe so much they say write a peom...
Im crying from the inside out and they say write a poem..
Im consumed by a cultures storm they say write a Poem...
I tell them I will die today......
*Writes A Poem
2.5k · May 2012
Self Respect
Quentin Briscoe May 2012
I cant find my self resepect...Cuz I fail my little brother...In his aspect... at 13 he sees me like a father...But I dont' wanna be bothered...No hes not my concern...he dont need to be fathered...look at me I had to learn...
But i can't find my self respect...Cuz i fail my mother....In her aspect...she sees me like my father...Cuz i dont want to be bothered....How she gets on my nerves...Like I need to be fathered...Like she even had hers...
But I cant find my self respect...Cuz i fail my first lover...In her aspect...She sees me like her father...But I dont want to be bothered...Im just in it for the verbs...Like I remind her of a father...When I treat he like a girl....
But wheres my self respect...I cant find my aspect..For I never knew the correct way to view...these situations...******* up my relations...
With no self respect..I fail my self...In my aspect...I had no mans help...And I dont wanna be bothered...Inside im so bitter...but I just want to be fathered..
and I found my respect droughted and withered....
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
There comes a day when you realize who you really are..
A Hero....
A believer..
A life changer....
I know who I was meant to be...
With the powers to woo...
I slang the super ****...
I do the super thang...
Save A woman...
Not many
Just one...
I mean others might catch the side effects
but I read the comics...
and every maniac...
thats like me...
only has but one queen....
with the occasional relapse..
because in most of their titles...
lies a flawed Man...
But I admire the Hulk....
Cuz I'm just
2.3k · Mar 2012
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2012
Moms gave it to me
Bet if she knew
she would have never have bought it for me...
JC Penny's
Caught it on sale
just looking out for me
Mom's keeps it real
"this should keep my baby warm"
the thoughts in her head

Pop through out the air
"Baby, baby!!!"
Phone at my ear
"Run, Just Run"
Words I'll never hear
Mom so happy
cuz it started to rain
"he took his black hoodie
That should keep the rain out his face"

Where Am I?
Your in a better place
what happen to my hoddie
You get a new one today...

Rest in Peace Trayvon
2.3k · May 2013
We like the same Sex!!
Quentin Briscoe May 2013
I'm in Love with a woman...
But she don't love me,
I think God took his time
and created her wonderfully,
She shines with every smile
quickly seducing me,
We have everything in common
But thats not what she sees,
We just like the Same ***!!!
So, she started dating my ex.............
2.2k · Apr 2012
Cum for your show..
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2012
Can I get a drum roll please
no drums???
I'll use my tongue
Constant pressure,
till you ***.
Get some more
Im ready
let it run
Juices down my
feels so good
it's so fun,
then my ABC's
Painting pictures
with my tongue
On your back
between your knees,
Full filling
All you wishes
Want you want
all your needs,
Durm roll
watch you ***
From the front
where I Feeds,
Time for you to shine
Go head and hit a note
lip locking
down below
send the love down my throat
Baby were in tune
Im a sponge
let it soak,
Give your leg a stomp
if you can hear
what i wrote,
Time for the ******
baby its your show
Im just the background
music, rhythm
but your the glow.
*** in to the light
Let the world see
You Blow.....
2.2k · Dec 2011
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2011
Tension clouds suffocate... he who waits...anticapates...complication...Of atmospheric pressure...Pushed down around ones thought...process of elimination...what shall be removed...what release will be choosed...Liquid, soild, gas...condensed behind the mask...Steam, Clouds, Rain...Suffed behind the Pain...Suffocation...breath.after.breath.after.breath.after....Cl­utter...Breathe, Stop , and Release....The tension Clouds that are around...Hope.Pray.believe. yes it takes all breathe.Deep....Deeper.......Deeper..........Release....
2.1k · Jun 2014
diary pt 2
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2014
One day I'll be seen in code....
you'll see me as the one....

I propose we take a vote...
Let us call this vote Democracy...
Majority rules all you smaller Minorities...
The perfect concept for all equality..
Peaceful slavery for those unlike we..
Unfortunately the Minorities are reproducing rapidly...

Some things you just cant control. ..

I'm a temptation....singing songs that satisfy....but lust is so tempting...ain't it love....I've seen you drift into pleasure...without me....

I feel like I don't even know what substance is
In my own substitution... replace me...
I'm chasing something I don't know...Love...

If God never gave me the spirit of fear.....What is it that makes me weak???
For I fell from grace long ago....
I'm following a star....traveling far....I'm so close to it...but I'm unworthy of its power...for My flesh is weak...and my spirit is weaker...for I keep losing to something that can only do what I command it to.... the visions have already been seen...but the journey may never commence....the internal eternity....that I fear will never end...who put this here....where did I find it...or is it prophecy...that I suffer from my own poison....with no cure...I wanna break what I Know to be perfection...because somethin's missing..and this not the same level of enlightenment that A wise man once thought it'd be..

Looking for something brighter than tonight
At the mountain's peak I'll jump
Life is the perfect untold story
Through heavens eyes I'll see imperfections
The absences of everything but light
Spectrum, I see nothing but color....

What was life before a Christ?
Heard Jesus was born in summer
Is it really tax season already...
Oh I forgot the same struggle...
Now I just have more hope...
Even Christianity had a human sacrifice

I've died before, Life ain't new...

I'm so shallow looking for beauty ended up with a bunch of *******.

Baby I don't want that ketchup, that mustard you can keep that.. no condiments for this hotdog. Just a tall bottle tats soaking wet. I want that grape fruit that ocean spray... I'm the burger King I wanna it my way...Bermuda me with a landing strip...a lil peach fuzz leading to the trip...cuz I'm a dive in I'm going deep.. like 20,000 leagues inside of her sea...
Would you like to hear Honesty
Honesty, I was lying to myself
Through Honesty we are set free
Tell me how real Honesty is
I'll give Honesty nothing but love
But love give me honesty Please

She tells me tales of Ex's
Those seven evil Ex's I despise
Ex's are placed in past conversations
I'll Ex anybody that does otherwise..
I too have become an Ex
Now it's 8 of us Ex's

Where most souls find there sanctuary.....
In front of wells of Poison...
Let me drink this till death...
Juliet you were my only reason...
Let it run through my veins...
Done in the name of Love...

I am all ***** and pens
Deadly combinations form my unwanted sins
Got uncharted pain in my veins
Cause, I'm great at the game
Diabolical schemes Never tried to explain...
What happened to me I'm enchanted

The Jones...I mean I wanna be a cool J...nice clothes, fancy cars I wanna live the Rich way...but I only dream in clothes borrowed from I just sit back in jealousy...trying take the things I see..I hate you for you Jonesish ways...For all the things you did today...I'll never get the things you have... so in my anger I'll sit back and laugh...while I sabotage your good time..while I hate on that which ain't mine...I know you do the same things too...Its envy that's just what ****** do.... #sevendeadlysins #

I feel so terrible.....yet so alive...
There's no feelings in goodbyes...
Just thoughts of lies.... that may have been truths....but not in your eyes...  

baby it's cold outside
but I've been awaiting you.
may we freeze apart..
or melt ice together...
because the fire we create..
burns in any weather...

We were meant to light the world..but a blizzard came between us...and if we don't press on..we can't save the souls that need us...don't let fire go out...don't let our souls burn cold...I know I put snow on the ground...but together we can clear the roads...let us burn in each others arms...then freeze at the feet of snow...
2.1k · Nov 2011
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2011
Jumps start the on the run.. but thats just my mind...body laggin behind..But im feelin entergetic so Im Just freestyling lines...leaned against the pines...Running these powderd lines...parked in a fire lane collecting fines..Exhilarated heart beats turn into mental for my body it just starts to feel weak...points of mind blowing utopia..erupt body pausing phobias...and when this brain begins to die down and stop...well the body compulses, foams, and rocks
2.1k · Jan 2012
Past remnants
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2012
If not I, Past remnants,
I immigrant M ingnorant.
to this game.
that I play in chains.
Quick sand in my native land
.there are no turmps in my hand..
only ronald mc Donald.
as im given Starbucks to spend where?
Strange furits with rotten roots.And David stars with scars.
Those wounded by a fat boy.And We still wait to deploy.
The sickness of these snitches. given we these stitches.
wounds that will never heal. This is (right hear) real....#listen
Quentin Briscoe Sep 2013
I've gained a new power
the one thing that I lacked...
see we stand attached
back to back
but I'm a little taller so I walk for her...
and her feet slightly drag..
I lead the way and she tells me when the coast is clear..
when the trail is gone...
I fight everything head on and anything I miss...
she cuts it down
with iron fist...
When I'm hit hard I might stumble
but my new power wont let me fall back..
for when I leave my feet she bounces me right back
a super duo
But I'm the super hero...
Saving all the girls
with a woman on my back
I told you don't judge me...
So never try to attack
A ******....
1.9k · Aug 2014
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
We are the roaches of men
They treat me like the left overs..
burnt and small..
crawling from the cracks
of ghettos
waiting for extermination..
But we just multiply rapidly
hard shells of soft skin..
that bullets constantly find...
they call it enforcement..
We call it fear...
they are afraid of our skin..
The power behind our beings..
They look at us as sin
We are the Roaches of men
unwanted house guest
feeling their
Creating more and more traps
for us to fall in..
Stomping our pride
with their steel boots...
Once upon a time
they could never **** our minds...
But they've found new forms of poisons
That have burnt us down
to smoking ourselves...
as if is normal to see a young black mans
skin leaking smoke from the holes in his chest..
the smells of burning flesh..
that once swung from branches
in the southern sun.
Strange fruits to...Weeds... to roaches..
I bet they'll test
the theory of survival..
when they nuke us..
You 'know roaches don't say much...
they just create a lot of scatter..
but they create louder sounds together
and we can't even stand united
so our voices will never be heard..
just left in ash trays awaiting disposal..
as the stench or our smoking silence lingers in the air..
When will our dying embers once again catch flame
and burn away this despair..
we are stronger than memories
denser than air..
we are Power
Surviving long after the many times
we were suppose to be extinct....
Choices of Strength..
that we need to find again
We are the Roaches of Men...
1.9k · Apr 2013
My Satisfaction
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2013
You fault me
because now
I know satisfaction
because now i love me
I'm Arrogant?
Excuse me...
I will enjoy my satisfaction
The Joy of loving me
If you have a problem with my satisfaction
You can take it up with me..
but You won't harm this image
No im quite proud of me
So I'll enjoy the satisfaction
of who I've grown to be.
I've found satisfaction
and i won't lose it again
so until another needs protection
My Satisfaction I'll Defend.
Quentin Briscoe May 2013
I'm ashamed  
As I picture you undressed
between my arms, against my chest..

I'm ashamed
As I taste your lips
When I hold my hand to smell my breath

that I feel your wet
around my tip when I clean it

Lusting after you
because I love you
slowly dying
cause I can't have you
the way I want to...
Be inside you
All around
from your airy head
to the feet and ground

I'm Ashamed
Cause I disrespect you
in my mind I always take you
touching skin
licking tongue
in my mind so much fun
ripping clothes
squeezing breast
at your dying breath
causing explosion after explosion
between you legs liquid immersion
And i slip deeper into thought
Out of your mind, into your heart

And I'm ashamed
Cause you're waiting
because you're only
trying to do what's right
I want to ****** you tonight
and the day after
but you resist me too well
that only i can feel the blame
so because you're so right
I feel so Ashamed
Abstinence is a hell of a
1.8k · Jun 2012
Touchy Feely
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2012
We All so touchy Feely..But we dont want to be held...All in everything...but we dont want to be found..So We hide in the tall grass..stalking out our prey...Please dont run to fast..Still i want You to stay...together well not really...Cuz I just want you for your soul...But Im so touchy feely...So your body is my goal...So pirate we should be mates...Im just looking for your *****...and If I walk you down my plank..I beg you dont be moody...Cuz you so touch only was a joke...hurt you no not really...Till you come stabbin at my thorat...then you will be held... accounted for your deeds..Quite down your loud...Cuz everythings a need...Cuz your so touchy feely...little things set you off...Hide it no not really...Cuz your mind to me is Lost...So can i bring it back..Is this really what you want...opposites attract...Touchy feely meet a Blunt....
1.8k · Jun 2013
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
Suppressing your
is suppressing your soul...
Because your body will react no matter what...
and then your
won't have a choice..
1.8k · May 2012
Quentin Briscoe May 2012
They say come shine with us brotha
We'll make you a star
Above the life your living
Into a new beginning
They Really want you to Illuminate...
So They'll scope you out, take your talents
and you'll Illumainate..
Out of the darkness
of nothingness
the normal everyday
Into a new relm of darkness
Blinded, guided all the way,
So You'll do as they say
becasue you want their way
of lifestyle they portray,
But thats not their everyday
But You Illuminate.....
On the black and white
cause colors don't exsit
well not by themselves
just hidden in abyss
But you Illuminate....
Climbing to the top
your light can't be stoped,
As a pawn in their chess game
you just want the fame
Because you Illuminate....
You think we are not the same
And you do as they say
found no better way
to see but out one Eye
an As You Illuminate...
All You see is I
Cuz To you thats who got you there,
But they know it was them
and You so unaware
You Illuminate
For Him,
Marrying the night
with contracts that seem so right
and then Your tied to strings
To Illuminate
All there things,
the corruption of the pure
No longer your own source of power,
But they're your electricity
Causing you to Illuminate
The way they want you to be
Binded To the ROC
Universal Mind control,
But everyone Once a chance
To Illuminate The Soul....
Making this your goal
you dont understand,
They say to be great...
You Need To Illuminate....
1.7k · Apr 2013
poppy fields
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2013
In sick twisted fields of meadows laced with electricity
I deemed I was correct
justifying my day dreams
and nullifying my nightmares
but embellishing yours
creating a new idea of fear...
for you to have to beware
for i hardened your delicate structure
i froze your river bed
but with one kiss, a time fracture
I could bloom a rose red
with one touch, a light action
i could re-illustrate your head
painting pretty colors of forever
me and you fornever dead
because my first intentions
were to love
never meant i to harm
but just like poppy seeds and **** leaves
I have a higher charm
so in these electric fields of purple grass sparked
rest these thoughts of you and the danger that I brought...
1.7k · Jul 2013
Millionaire (6x6)
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2013
There was a wishing well there..
I stuck my hand in quickly...
Robbed the **** out that *****..
Took every single bit of change
I transformed overnight with that change..
Into everything everybody wished to be...
six lines, six words each line, each line a complete thought, GO
1.7k · Aug 2013
Renaissance Man
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2013
What can I do with this mind of mine....smh I'm so lost in this Renaissance....Man...They never called me my name...I place my hand in everything...and never asked for a frame...but I stand a image...of the Renaissance....that hasn't started to began...Idea...I am just a relative idea...that is never thought about...anymore...I am a Renaissance....Inside of a Man...That is dying to be released...dying to be untamed....But I'm stuck inside of this Man...
1.7k · Jul 2012
I have Spoiled Rotten
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2012
And they say a rotten apple can ruin the bunch.....
But I love my rotten counter parts...
I'll do anything to keep them fresh...
but they say Im not like them...
so im labled as rotten...
Because Im a little stand offish...
She penatrates those who are closest...
and out jumps the little worm...
biting through like little *****...
Until the idea is planted at the core...
so I'm seen rotten by more...
Cuz I rather not stand so close anymore...
she draws the bunch to look more like her...
and less like me...
and my johnny apple deeds...
go unseen thanks to her **** rotten seeds...
Claim that Im the one whos phoney...
this is what she preach...
clinging to my homie...
but claim she taste like a peach...
And all of a sudden Im the forrbiden furit...
An apple says eve...
from a tree that has no root...
and they all spoiled truly start to believe...
That me the red apple should be left up on the tree...
Because I have spoiled her and for that she now has envy....
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2013
I hear the cries for help..
but right now Im busy...
Let them all drown..
they ain't did nothing for me...
Except get me *****...
I can't get up now
The blood is to direct..
I never understood how..

Woman Woman Woman
This Fruit of my *****...
I guess I had to create one..
To find one....
I guess I had to **** one...
To love one...
- Signed a ****** Superhero.
1.6k · Aug 2014
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
only see the Dark side
As a threating force....
1.6k · Mar 2013
The to be continues.......
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2013
To much attraction..not enough reaction...but don't reactions cause attractions...or just irritations...scratching the surface until one bleeds...and not healing the wounds that one all essences the soul should stay strong...if the skin, muscles, and bones stay where they belong...but sometime the shift just a tad..altering the soul you once had.

Looking for my number 2.....cuz my number 1 died a long time ago... not she was gettin old...but you...can do what you gotta do to stay brand new...bend over a lil touch your toes... stretch a lil and build strong bones...she forgot to change it up.. after the first time i tore it up.. so eventually the wounds wouldn't stop she had to resort to cheating...

So As i tip toe through the valley of death I shall feel no evil...But im jumping off buildings back flipping blinded like evil Knievel... i shall look death in the face and all who oppose my GOD shall fear his a dead man i'm for I oppose him daily...And his cries to save me i only hear faintly....but nevertheless he calls i fail to answer but scurry along blindly in to eternity...

i lost my touch, no longer Im i in reach... some body save me.... My body is queasy...and my mind is wheezing... for air....and if I dare....ask why... i only get questions as a reply... is there any help out there?????

why cant i have what i want when shes soo far away...I see her every day in my own special way...My dreams can suffice but only for so long...It wont be to long till i just cant go on...Warm embraces are needed to reassure my freedom..Cuz with out them im a slave to this lust demon...but once she surrounds heart can love freely...and live to survive another day

Still looking for that smile I cant find...and grabbing for that hand i cant touch....feeling incomplete even tho love stares me in the face...its not filling the void.... I'm reaching back for what I let go, letting go so i can reach back...but then there was a reason it lost grip and slipped....

I'm back on the scene like a river flowing stream...I got the sprinkles to make the donut cream...but I don't eat em only learn to treat em....But if they taste good I guess I gotta feed em....Food for your thought wax on wax off...The Kabasa is guaranteed to knock your socks off..

lonely!!!!!!!! but only sleepy.... sad but happy.... Open today closed tomorrow....never look back but im stuck lookin backwards....Hummm this is what happens when you go into withdraw... I depressed...

lonely in the bed with songs in my head....visions of maken love with a body so soft...but when I open my eyes its just a pillow at myside...Time to let it go and free up some room...So may be when I open my eyes I can be holding on to you....(thought)....

Shortly and swiftly I'll drift in to be forgotten by those drove into insanity..but remembered by those who still live with humanity...So this death ain't hard to see..Only easy to envision.. destine since the beginnin...ever since we... started sinnin..I can see the future comen and still Im not running....

Why cant you just chill and relax im not here for all this bs.... but you buggin trippen...Im crazy from the words that u shitin... **** now Im all lost for tonight straight up Im lookin for some *** for tonight..since you wanna go there Im trying to... take it a be ******* cuz now i really don't care~!!!

I wish i could be so tender now... but i dont think I know how now... I'm just tryin chill to save us from future ill...It not like i want this cup to spill...Why cant strings be missin why must i be attached...Honestly i can love you but im just not ready for that...Actions of haste leave me with sour we just became ill.. because you forgotten how to chill..maybe i wont cry, but i will if we die.....

Goodafternoon cruel world how you doin, how you livin...been kinda crazy since i walked in the beginnin...but to you dear world leave my skin and my sin...Cuz where im trying go that stuff cant get in...Well in any way Im still lookin for that somethin, but if it dont come im i can go back to loven runnin!!!

Almost time to become a legal man...a lil wiser and smarter at playin my more foolish girls...nor foolish boys and there lil worlds...well maybe a lil fun...but making sure i get it done..almost time brand new to the game like Sir'Siah.......but hopefully by the end of the night ill be hearing Jeremiah.....
A piece I wrote a while back. A bunch of small poems in one, from a set of 10 that I want to make my first book called The to be continues....... I don't really think anybody is going to sit here read this but I hope you enjoy something from it. If I get enough views I might post another teaser. (Sir'Siah -my baby cousin)
1.6k · Nov 2013
Religious moment (6x6)
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2013
Religious** moments are sacraments of faith...
I've believed I have found God
Mary and Joseph had a baby......
I looked in the mirror today
God started boasting of his creation
I cried at my self worth
1.6k · Apr 2012
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2012
When I push the pedal to the metal theres no limit I **** space...
my movement never constant just can't stay in one place...
So I zoom zoom through the poom poom...
leaving ****** scenes in bedrooms..
given girlies the boom boom...
Explode...As i unload...
round after round clip after clip...
as their bodies shake and twitch lick after lick...
Sounds of *** remind me I'm some ****...
And why the **** Im i even sittin here doin this...
With no remorse in my eyes..
I **** em until they die...
pound after pound
clap sound after clap sound...
pelivis agianst *****
we know which is the meanest..
Wit no protection Im at war..
with criminals who only *****...
Thier war crimes they get paid for...
then the death toll I get blaimed for..
As i leave them slayin to rest...
Some label me the best...
others just another *** that clucks at all the hens..
Can't read my metaphors that means ***** alot of women...
The reaction is i get a lot of practice so i can be to half bad..
So dont sign up for tryouts get cut then get mad...
because you haven't had the amout of practice i had..
See I know all types of tricks..
lights skin, brown skin, dark skin, i got a whole lot of picks.
The ins and the outs..
when to drive in and when to pull out...
Squirting your insides against my stomach...
you panic..
instantly proclaiming to your maker...
that Iam your ******....
the one who drove to fast that your waves decided to crash...
all over me..milking your sweet nector...
as you lay life lessly twitching..the side effects of a killing..
so i place the pedal to the metal i tend to burn rubber...
one hand around the neck of the wheel and the other around my lovers...
1.6k · Apr 2012
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2012
Pastime with me...
and let us run the bases...
Crave our name in trees....
and stare in each other faces...
See we wont be safe...
until we get to home....
But Im not at haste...
Just dont leave me alone....
So pass the time with me...
You feel the butterflies...
How happy we will be...
As the time flies...
So let us have these momments
around second base
These precious little seconds
Theres no need to race
kisses send me high
Im glad that you are near
together we can fly
together with no fear
If life was not a game
I wouldn't need to score
cuz im not the same
just want you and nothing more
So pastime with me
care seems evanescence
Running through life free
let us bass in loves essence
Pastime with me
giddy and innocent
smiles full of glee
love is so intimate
As home is right there
Love has won its try
naked and rare
Let us pass time By.........
1.5k · Feb 2014
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2014
Opened up to a breeze from the cold
Stuck desperately looking for that  one to hold
As the wind rushes in
my mind begins to spin
from the tormented spirit that is within
From the torment that I want to end
Open to hate formed by sin
Sin formed by hate
As my portion is killed by fate
As This window is my only escape
But I fear I'm to late
to pass through
so without a clue
I disappear from view
only to make it though
because safety is hard to find
in ones mind
As peace rest way behind
A place thats confined
but theres always a window
to pass through
away from the sin and into the sun
1.5k · Mar 2012
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2012
Am I concealed to the 6 people that listen,
5 people the qoute them, and 9 people that dis him..
19 all together cuz one of them does it all...
What Im asking are my word confined to this Wall..
Just pretty Ivy...
that grows recklessly...
all around the ends...
like tattoo'd skin..
But it never leaves yet it blossoms...
Not recieved tho it's awesome..
To the ears of the world, to the hearts of man...
May my words spread through the world like Ivy covering more then this wall, but the LAND...
1.4k · Oct 2013
Her day
Quentin Briscoe Oct 2013
It was on this day years ago..
That a piece of me began..
lived 30 years of my Exsistance..
before I ever was created..

Learning Lessons that would guide me
making decisions that would mold me..
You straight A! Bowling Queen
You Drama Class, Afro swag

Making memories for bed time stories
Reminding me of my history
The pieces my genes reenacted
that I just couldn't seem to recall

The muse of my creation
she who place life into this world
Strongest thing I've ever seen..
Before I could understand a thing..

Thank you for your amazingness
your gentle heart and friendliness
I would never be a piece of me
If you never were All you could ever be!!

Happy Birthday Momma!!!
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