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Quentin Briscoe Jan 2014
Chick Magnets, Dreads beards and Tattoos
Me; Freeverses, Micro moments, and Haikus
rhythm I can't beat without you..
Melody I can't sing without you...
Feelings I'm all caught and ****...
I'm Just on a polar end....
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
it has Voice action
Thanks Guys....
..........I am Afro Man 24/7
I'm ready to do this..........

But it doesn't work
All Mine does is speak
It don't move
Its joints are concrete

......i'm ready to do this
ready to make a Change.......

It has a strong voice
But his body is strange
I can't throw a punch
its position doesn't change

......Beware Evil doers
Your time ends now...........

It talks a good game
but it doesn't act at all
what good is a action hero
If stands up just to fall........
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2014
Give me a dose and run your words along my brain...
I said, I would love to taste your medicine.
because I feel you could keep me sane...
You make me want to work harder!!
Caught up in the void of Doing what I love
Or doing what ever Just so I can provide for you..
"Pretty Pink Baby Blue
Why don't you teach me something new"
and show me I can have it both...
The Means to provide for my Love..
why doing what I love!!
God only you can make this true...
but excuse my thoughts about my hands and her thighs..
My Soul in her eyes...
My flesh in her flesh..
I mean I wanna plant Gardens in her soil..
For I know you are fertile with rich wisdom..
Heaven knows how I feel for I can hide this burden..
But now you know to...
And no matter how confident I may feel
Your Strength is still intimidating and I like it...
So Give me a Dose of you
and I'll give you all of me..
In an never ending form...
Queens must have Rings!
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2013
I think about what it was like...
To kiss you...
In a dream.
I had..
The world...
In my arms..
Then I let it go..
And I burned into the sun..
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
I was cursed with compassion...
And now All I do is care To much...
                                        Not enough
Because I have everything else to Give..
Quentin Briscoe May 2012
The Super Computer

Has been infected
Hi jacked from the out
No hacked from the inside
You no longer have the control you wish
Stop looking over seas for the problem
cuz this is happening enternaly
we need an anti virus program
called Truth
and feed it to our youth
because nothing can function on lies
Or eles the Super computer dies
So lets Debug this thang
lets get it functioning
not normally
So lets calm down the hysteria
and Debug 01000001011011010110010101110010011010010110001101100001
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2012
For as a man I stand strong and weak minded,
For there are things that i know I can not do...
But as a child I'm well guided,
For there is nothing I cant do..
As a man I walk around the mountian,
but as a child I can move it...
As a man I drown in the ocean,
but as a child I walk across it...
As a man I can't break a wall,
but as a child I can make a whole city fall...
As a man I hide from the giant when battle calls,
but as a child I stand tall...
As a man my flesh gets weaker by the hour,
but as A child I have So Much POWER!!!!
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
If I had a voice,
I'd sing to you

tell you all the things
I want to do,
And I'd do them

cuz I had a voice

and you had no choice,
but to fall victim...
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2012
I looked in the mirror and I saw it
The hideous thing..
Seeping from my nose
Peeking through my eyes
stretching from my ears....
Something that wasnt me...
but apart of me...

And it surround it me,
held me like a mother would its child
and I accepted it
because it comforted me
made me feel secure
but I was far from safe,
The mirror became my prison
that internal heap of filth
made its way to the outside
trapping my true will inside
and it be came me..

stole my identity..
walked like me, spoke like me
but led me around blindlly
Im sorry, Im sorry
Im tryin to take back control
but he won these precious min
cunned me to give in
this Vile beast that feast
on my flesh and soul
I have to win this battle
not just to save my self
but those who i love so.

This darkness can't take over me!!!
Im declaring Victory!!
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2014
We Find beauty in the ***** things...
the dirt beneath my finger tips.....
The black of my soles...
These scares against my skin..
These burns around my soul...
I've unwillingly given myself to many
countless times
I've used needles
To find that place over the rainbow
Where is the sun...
As I lay in this pit of Quick sand
nose above land
I breath with rocks against my chest...
Yet I survive!
Beauty in this ***** thing
Is not the appearance I put forth
but the story I left behind....
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2013
Because it just wouldn't work...
I didn't realize until....
you were screaming my name...
on call, at will...

Because you just wouldn't change...
I cared for you still....
When you hated yourself..
I saw what was Real...

Because it just wouldn't play out..
Even with I love you's
That was just a temporary out...
for your deeper issues..

Because it wasn't meant to be....
I wasn't the way you want me,
didn't say what you need...
But you said you needed me,

Because I was just a selfish Standard,
the root of all men,
the same old lie
told over and over again...

Because You felt so good
You tasted so sweet......
Made me feel strong
So I could lift you off your feet.....

Because of your hair in my face,
Your lips around my tongue,
Your all night energy,
Made me feel young...

Because I could go on for days
about how you were the one.....
but it just wouldn't work out
I was having too much fun....
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2014
Complex circulations of electric impulse.... firing in impulsive reaction to there own free will....Yet they do not think...and send out missions and directions to ****... that which was intended to heal...Now I feel all types of unwanted ****... infecting the young....Floating around in unwanted company...Hoping to gain death...Witch is the confusion of calling it blessed....See I've seen them looking around...but the only placed being searched is the ground...CC's of un wanted foes wandering about...In incorrect form yet perfectly round about...They have placed intricate circuits through out the mind...That have been set to detonate in time...Not blow no suicide bombers here...but to carefully inject the inception...Will you be fooled...misconstrued ..deceived to believe...that this is honestly received...or these impulse that have conjugated...To act upon what they feel...instead of what is real..No thought process...not time to progress...Only to stay the same...spreading to brain after brain.....after brain.........are you still >THERE
I love word play but my message is serious....
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2012
I tell them that Im struggling they say write a Poem...
I tell them that I wont eat today they say write a poem....
I'm asking for a better way they say write a poem...
I wont get no sleep today they say write a poem...
I tell them I owe so much they say write a peom...
Im crying from the inside out and they say write a poem..
Im consumed by a cultures storm they say write a Poem...
I tell them I will die today......
*Writes A Poem
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2013
Is it wrong I'm attracted to her thoughts..
I mean I saw her mind way before I found her heart
and well I stutter..
trying to speak to her...
I never said to much
just subtle things here and there
so she couldn't her the shaking in my voice..
But she would be my choice..
Bella Sweet perfection
without the B
I say between the lines
you model for me...
Maybe a crush from a boy who hates school..
But would love to learn you....
Maybe you'll read this maybe you won't..
but for you reading this
I'm waiting for your thought....
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
Place knives to throats and slit
We all will bleed red blood..
I can't take off this Humanity
You see me as an infection
Killing us off, openly without question
I'll reincarnate Black again, But Panther...  

Shall I stand for this injustice
Even superhumans can be shot dead..
Ask the symbols MLK, and X
How do we unify our people
The people will never look colorless
Dying from the silent growing masses...

Outrageous oppositions ostracizing organized optimist outreach.
Taking time to think that's trail
Hearing hurtful harm, Hard heading home
Everyone experiences earth's eerie evil effects  
Reaching ramifications revolving round recent Revolts
Some Stay Silent, Some Shout Supercilious

Teach us How to Sit In
Stamp me with a Bobby Seale
Certify me to be a Leader
Protect me with Urban Newton's Laws
Let my fist again mean Power!!
May my tongue Gather the masses!!

Will you wait until its you..
Locked down behind their Military's Blockades
They already see you as animal..
Show your fangs Bare your Pride..
They need no reason, Give one!!
Make them fear beyond their thoughts...

I am the soul of America
We are the Backbone of Liberty    
The land that grows your fruits
Our Blood runs through every root
We taught you how to survive
Without Color you are only European....
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2012
And yet my page goes blank...Full of A lil bit of nothing and a whole lot of space...Which has turned in to a lot...of white..or blue, red, beige, or black
What ever color the paper is...Emptiness...The beginning stages of depressions...the first wave of creative supression...but then eletric sparks..light waves of electrons flowing from my left lobe to my right hand....From my ego to my id...Reaction...satisfaction...Then ink, lead, chalk, what ever I can grab hold of...blood...I would stain this space with blood...for these words will forever be a piece of me...Forever be the life of me....The death in me...And Words fill up my void..the artisic fasination of a blank page...That has been splattered with musical notes of my rhythm...composer...after composure...chaos...after breath...and then masterpice...Wala the ****** to the story...The finale' to the show...The perfect piece of expression upon the page...And as it is turned...My page goes blank Once again...
Quentin Briscoe May 2012
This tree fell down here,
A robin lost her babies
I just lost my roof...
Quentin Briscoe May 2013
I can't find words right now
there lies a barrier...
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2012
Even tho i hate it, i want her To Bo$$ me...shhh keep that on the hush somebody might find me...Workin for her love, slavin for her cookies.....or mistake me for her baby, cuz im durling off her *******..Words that i remorse... sounds that get me high...This girl is a course and im just barely getting by...but I Know that she the Bo$$ she think she just a make it even worst my personalized ******...But baby your a Queen...The beauty of my dreams...So i work for you, Your personal maintenance man...Better yet your blessed cuz Im your number one fan..So baby just come Bo$$ me tell me what to do...Cuz I signed a contract and I will Only Work for You!..... #didyoureadthisone
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2013
Broke artis and this here not my day job...Poor Marvin...and some how I still work hard...Yet Starvin...To create something to feed y'all...burnt change to make a phone call...Space rockets...That would be the mission...Good fuel...Feeding intuition...or maybe just a mule and take it old school...Grow my own Words...with my mind on the soil...I just make it taste good..Broke artis start to Spoil..
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
i wanna love you so much...
I would even light your candle...
but if I can't burn my flaws in front of you...
then what can I do.....
but catch flame...
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2013
Come buy lyrics from me...
So I can make money..
Someone purchase my soul...
Because tomorrow I'm quitting my job...
I'm going to find myself...
I'm going on a journey...
Faith full..
I'm stepping out on the weakest limb
My life...
Broken into a million billion cells..
I'm walking
To the end of this era..
Buy me
I'm free
For my struggle began imprisoned
Chains no longer have a definition
I'm different
Words created me
So purchase them
So I can make money
And survive
Then maybe some will open their eyes
While you tune out my soul
And live....
Quentin Briscoe Jul 2012
Let the Ocean run orange...And the sky flash white...and fill my mind with dreams...stories of your visions through orange light beams...and i'll have scottie bring them conversation where space wont fill up..Cuz stars ocuppy..the iris eye..white sky...and die...Leaving a fools gold dusting over crops...and they richly consume thinking that the wealth will never stop...when it never truly began..fate of a star repeated over and over again...But frankly this Ocean swims good...and cleans the fools dust to see it for what he should...Art that should not be consumed...but shared...Not a quick search for fame...or a ticket to wins life game..but the nice scratch you get from old Vinyl...That new sound we found from a Orange Channel
inspired by Frank Ocean's Channel Orange!
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
I have few bonds...
I'm covalent....
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2013
I'm in Debit!!!
Because I wanted to Be Better....
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2012
I'm in my rain is dry ...but my bitterness is my love starts to lie...claiming to be true...What will emptiness wet my ground...I feel i need to spit...On that which I claimed...cuz it demoraled my name...and paid me a love counterfit...But it felt so real...that i felt the tears...How can a fake,..cause so much heartache...Soured spoiled milk...cuz i gave the phoney replaca everything...And I just blew candles and wasted wishes...On these fresh sheets of silk...Cuz I wasn't getting anything...For wood spray painted gold...All it was,was a good space hold...Cuz the room was kinda empty before...But who wants to fill there space with clutter...I want some substance...Value, in this depression...But I guess it hard to find real love when the world is in a recession...
Quentin Briscoe Oct 2013
Craig gotta list,
that might
check me out...
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
What have my words really Created
other than feelings...
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2012
Can I get a drum roll please
no drums???
I'll use my tongue
Constant pressure,
till you ***.
Get some more
Im ready
let it run
Juices down my
feels so good
it's so fun,
then my ABC's
Painting pictures
with my tongue
On your back
between your knees,
Full filling
All you wishes
Want you want
all your needs,
Durm roll
watch you ***
From the front
where I Feeds,
Time for you to shine
Go head and hit a note
lip locking
down below
send the love down my throat
Baby were in tune
Im a sponge
let it soak,
Give your leg a stomp
if you can hear
what i wrote,
Time for the ******
baby its your show
Im just the background
music, rhythm
but your the glow.
*** in to the light
Let the world see
You Blow.....
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2012
The sun falls...and the freaks are on the rise...With my Cape wisked behind my back...the freaks are on the rise...
I save you from their touch...I'll keep your out their grasp...Cuz im here to save the world this is what you asked...And she screams...I go to grab her hand but instead I grab her ***... and as I lift her from the danger....the freaks are on the rise...she looks me in the eyes...opens up her thighs....and claims I am her savior...Cuz the freaks are on the rise she can see it in her eyes...I'm the hero of the world here to save the girls...cuz the freaks are on the rise...and I can see it in there eyes....#****** superhero
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2013
Im watching over them...those freaks and perverted beast...the dark flesh that owns the land..I save them from there doom...keep them out those job is to protect the I sit...I glimpse and I see a ray of hope...
Purity...from the ***** of my imperfection...I began to be aroused...thought about swooping down, in a single bound..being so cliche'..but I've since grown from my stereotypical ways....Cuz this world here ain't kind to no hero..this worlds only sin painted in a mural...But she could be the chance to save the day!!...But they wanna **** the hero...they say **** the hero....Try to save the hoes...but I think I save a woman...kryptonite to my sins...She could be the cleanse...I could actually win...
-Dairy of a ****** superhero.
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2013
She tussled and fought,
squirmed and wiggled,
the ends of her hairs
oh how they tickled.
She smelled of sugar and spice
like purple haze,
remy martin,
and bubblicious ,
the sins of life...
Everything nice.
Her lips drove me crazy
I could smell the cherry
dying to be burst,
I'm going to save this one
as she fights
I squeeze,
As she bites
I likes,

A woman...
I found a woman
Cuz she won't
just give it up....

How to keep her safe????
thats gonna be hard to explain,
I can see it in her face......
Quentin Briscoe May 2012
Can You fix my pages
I mean I know this is all free
But I want to comment freely
My expression to be expressed publicly
Have been confined to private messages
For only one to see..

So My frustraion is now being expressed,
To Mass Of readers that write Poetry
To all those who are dear to me
They sometimes are impressed
But I can't thank them publicly

So Dear Hello Poetry,
Do you think you can help
The problems causing problems
Im hoping that you can solve them
That is if you read my poems, Hello Poetry
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2013
Still in the mist of finding my purpose...Like why do I stand know I use to think that i was a flower bright and beautiful...that I was something everyone would need...but now I believe they feel the urge to call me a ****...That im growing in unwanted places...And so i look unappealing to many of their faces...Haven’t i preformed a miracle didn't you want me to grow...and now that I've out done my peers you don't want me to show...Yes there are thousands of us and i hope to make more...unique like me because you told me to soar..see they've been nurtured and cared for..Do you see what i've endured...No im not in a field, a valley, a hill top or, tuffit... but i've emerged from the ground...the rough hard moldings that i was around...i stand here bright tall my own lil treat...but em' just a **** if I grow from the street ...and as i try to reach out to others... i loose my bright slowly give myself away in the wind piece by piece by i die where you left me trying to grow out of the cold concrete....But it doesn't end there...See im still in the air...Me this **** have planted some seeds..In the pieces of me..Inspiring more flowers in their places of need!!
the first piece I ever performed in front of a crowd. Do you know any Dandelions
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2012
Yo this girl is Dangerous...
**** this girl is raw,
im talking beast among the flesh...
and In the Flesh I'm in Awe...
Im hard down to my core,
Yet her skin is soft...
Dangers writin on the floor,
in some blood letters crossed...
Buts shes passion in her fashion
definitly a work of art...
but her gift aint everlasting
so she needs love inside her heart...
but the road her curves are making,
cause these breaks to start shakin..
and i crash into here Waves,
cause dangerous, she aint waitin...
Pounding deep into her core,
Dangerous just ask for more..
Drawing wings on my back...
as i color the floor...
My wood is under attack,
her walls are caving in....
The cause of Effect,
She keeps on comin....
Harder Screaming
Dangerous starts to call...
Im high,
way too weak
to dangerous i might fall....
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2014
only see the Dark side
As a threating force....
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2016
Dear journal,
I wake up every morning hoping to be the man I would find worthy enough for my mother...

Dear love,
This is for you...

Dear Lord,
I don't know what's in store for me, but you can see my heart... I pray that you guide me in the direction that leads to Your Will.. I ask for peace and comfort, strength and understanding....

Dear self,
It will all work out. It is in his Hands
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2012
Extra Extra ...Read all about it!!!..The time for the righteous ***** is dead...You claim Your stature of limitations..But all you got is knowledge...Let me reconstruct the past...That the ones you preaching to don't share croppers.. to steal mill workers...Cotton pick bootleg ‘ crack rock..**** ‘en...They got Aids from monkeys..So lets give it to all the monkeys..They know to much lets bury the smart ones under all the dummies...Rise up you righteous *** Shabazz..With more medals then Marcus Garvey...but this dispositions is thicker than the stash on Steve Harvey. Cuz the kids they love the Wiz...and all the green he smoke...Forget the yellow brick road...its these white bricks they see as Gold...But you so righteous with black power on Your bumper sticker...And so sweet that your water start to be thicker...then blood...with a hood that attack your own progression..You Been righteous for so long..with hope you feel depression..that you accuse your brother of mental retardation...urban gentrification...when he still live in the same house he did the year before...but you been moved to the east side on the top floor..You righteous *** ***** you been pronounced dead...back when them bombs hit over Bagdad...they waved the white flag..but you just made it easy...cuz you still so done Got Fat, Turned Gay...and rallying for pride marches...Cuz you don’t know what else to do...your time is over..Them black cats use to be panthers, now you dress them up...and placed us all in a new minority...just to keep your righteous priority...Are You still looking East, or have you finally excepted the West..
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2013
You attract my curiousities...
but what about the realer me...
you show me possiblities....
but not enough to capture me...
please dont take this literally...
Im just speaking momentarily...
because I've seen some prophecies...
looking through my fantacies...
If you could only see...
what they are tellin me...
Things I thought could never be...
the deeper you start loving me....
Quentin Briscoe Aug 2013
walks over dry asphalt
in the blistering summer sun
blister on top of blister
skin red and flakey
Heat rashes
are worth it
when momma gives me a dollar
after the white truck says
Quentin Briscoe May 2013
Her Breaths are running short,
there is blood everywhere.....

I guess this is the end....

PS. I'm still looking for friends.....

-signed A ****** SUPER HERO
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2012
Here i am... Again writing to the I am...Friend trying to save the girl...This S on my chest aint for games...but Embedded in my soul so I can make a I am...Miss im different so we're both the same...These Powers are strong but you have yet to call my name...but here I am...
trying to save the day...From your polluted air waves....that plays in relay...These blades in my knuckles dont just pet and tickle...but the stab and ****....cutting faster then the I am...Again screaming to the world...Here I am...Tryin to **** the girls...Tryin to **** the girls...Cuz I've be programed to saved the world...But they forgot to tell you I wanna **** the girls...Cuz they all want to be saved...Let them scream my name...I'll slay the ***** monster Cuz here I am..Again....trying to save the world..******* all the girls....#Diary 1 of A ****** Superhero
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2013
I can't seem to stop the rapeage... they love being forced into *******...only average...beings...but i m a super-dude...with a super human john...need me a Mary Sue...a super average Don...Im sick of flying from town to town...trying to save the hoes...I wanna be a father...A super hero dad...**** helping these strippers..cuz men only love dem strippers..and I see they all in love... ****** all the girl...stealing all their love... so Im just ******* all the girls tryin to make them see...That if a superman don't love them, then neither does he.....
-Diary of a PsychoSuperhero
Quentin Briscoe Apr 2013
I hear the cries for help..
but right now Im busy...
Let them all drown..
they ain't did nothing for me...
Except get me *****...
I can't get up now
The blood is to direct..
I never understood how..

Woman Woman Woman
This Fruit of my *****...
I guess I had to create one..
To find one....
I guess I had to **** one...
To love one...
- Signed a ****** Superhero.
Quentin Briscoe Jun 2013
There comes a day when you realize who you really are..
A Hero....
A believer..
A life changer....
I know who I was meant to be...
With the powers to woo...
I slang the super ****...
I do the super thang...
Save A woman...
Not many
Just one...
I mean others might catch the side effects
but I read the comics...
and every maniac...
thats like me...
only has but one queen....
with the occasional relapse..
because in most of their titles...
lies a flawed Man...
But I admire the Hulk....
Cuz I'm just
Quentin Briscoe Sep 2013
I've gained a new power
the one thing that I lacked...
see we stand attached
back to back
but I'm a little taller so I walk for her...
and her feet slightly drag..
I lead the way and she tells me when the coast is clear..
when the trail is gone...
I fight everything head on and anything I miss...
she cuts it down
with iron fist...
When I'm hit hard I might stumble
but my new power wont let me fall back..
for when I leave my feet she bounces me right back
a super duo
But I'm the super hero...
Saving all the girls
with a woman on my back
I told you don't judge me...
So never try to attack
A ******....
Quentin Briscoe Sep 2014
The weight upon my back is heavy
Im weak, carrying around
extra weight....
You know my super power
aint super strength..
But saving souls...
and bodies..
I love killing bodies
Killer bodies
Im a sucker for
but this one on my back,
I gotta get it off my back
but I love it when its there
but its so heavy
Its hard to save them others
when You got 5 legs...
I'm ******
Now get on your knees..
And **** my boot...
Your sick
And I hold the serum...

A Psychosuperhero
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2015
I've been wounded...
By the one part of me that said
"I will never hurt you"
Of Humanity placed in my cup..
As I sit in this Garden..
Trying to regrow dead seeds..
I choke.. On
My empathy..
Realizing that this
Death is just the begging...
Of a War...
1 million years in the making..
I can't save them all..
From the genetic codes..
Already intrinsically connected
Inside my sins. ...

Quentin Briscoe Dec 2015
I'm sick... With a sin...
I can't get rid of...
I'm so deep pressed
With a weight I struggle to lift
I lie to myself...
In a bed of thorns ..
I am the rose ...
Waiting to be killed
I'm the name
Of Love....

Or ****..
I don't know the difference any more...
I thought I found heaven..
But I realized Im still alive...
Or maybe I been closed my eyes...
I just never made it to the sky......

A PsychoSuperhero
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2013
I get all the girls, all the girls,
i get all the girls, all the girls
I save all the hoes, all the hoes
i save all the hoes, all the hoes
I cant find me no women...
no women..
I couldn't save no women...
-Diary of a PsychoSuperhero
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