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Jacob Jan 2019
that mistress
fills you up and falls
apart; lest the air
boil up and consume the

sour and steep and stoic
like a rock upon the mount
my yearning for the mistress of the

she bind you and stolen
away that little gift from
above; above yet she descended

her fingers like gold and iron
hair as strong as her heart
silver encrusts the lining of the
soul but betrays not a single

lament on your behalf and
seal the fate of the future and
fate of the wealth of the triumphs

***** motels and decrepit
churches, she preys
yet against their better wishes does the bird
go on singing and singing and singing

pray the lord my soul to keep and pray
the devil my world to weep
Jacob Aug 2018
red roses
red roses
laid on the tomb of
the fallen soldiers
the march of a fallen child

a plea and a cry against
wars fought in total silence
the bullets words and bayonets silver
soliloquies found in a letter from the

i dream of the days
of fall and the sound and breath and
your hair my be
i wish to go
home is where my treasure is

a broken record of the world
london feels
distant and fog covers the ground

i long for my love
my life but—

cut short of the soldier
generals of oil weapons of mass
deceit and lies

red roses
red roses
fall across my face
and soften the blow

— The End —