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denis j ryan harman
north georgia    poetry is life. any other way is boring
MPLS MN    I wrote My first poem at 15 years old, 46 years ago, since then My Rhymes Have Daunted me, Haunted Me, Pounded and Ground me ...
Ben Jones
Leeds, UK    Hi, I'm Ben Jones. I am a poet/author based in Leeds UK and am in the process of tweaking my first book, Resident: Neville. I ...
Skip Ramsey
McConnellsburg, PA    Trying to become hopelessly entangled in enlightenment. I've been writing as long as I can remember... The quality has fluctuated and I am my own ...
Daniel Magner
I write about anything I feel or see that sets my pen a'working! Enjoy!
dance studios    i dance, write, and read. if you want to read any of the many stories i've written, are extremely bored, or want to know more ...
Xan Abyss
Palm Springs, CA    I sing/write lyrics for a band, if you like my words, you MIGHT like my music (probably not though). Check us out on facebook Https:// ...
New Brunswick, Canada    I am addicted to words...the ebb and flow...transition of heart and soul to paper... I can be found on VerseWrights as myself:)
Modern Serenity
Corrupt World   
Nick Durbin
Ohio    I have missed the joys of writing in recent years, but am glad to have found this avenue and community to indulge in my love ...
England    Just stuff
Jeremy Bean
M/Detroit, Michigan    You can find my poetry book, MIND AFIRE on Amazon if you are interested in my further works Other than that I am a songwriter, ...
Digital Asylum
The City by the River    a profile to promote my friends poetry and poets I admire
Adam Barraclough
David W
Oregon    All of these are my poems. Everything I write is fiction, and all of it is true,
Linda Pahl
New York City    I am new to writing poetry and have, to date, written four simple poems. My first was at the request of a friend who asked ...
Gavin Betty
Earth    My name is Dennis McClintock, I love poetry, music, film, and comedy. I love haiku, free verse, and a combination of two. You'll see what ...
Joseph Schneider
The Messiah Complex
43/M/Washington D.C    "This is how they survive. You must know this. You're too smart not to know this. They paint the world full of shadows... and then ...
Michael Solc
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