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TrAceY Mar 2016
She smelled like exotic fruit
freshly peeled, pungent
as she leaned over our adoring faces
buttons of her shirt open
almost all the way
we envied every curve suggested
and waited for hand me downs
wishing we could paint on
layers of her skin
we listened in on those late night calls
from boys who, after taking home
softer girls
would kiss her the next day
behind the skating rink
unlike those boys we loved
everything about her and wanted
it to be our lips they touched
juices dripping

we wanted the same sour taste
  Feb 2015 TrAceY
spoiler alert: #implicitly mature, in some way...#

a bench. a garden.
the guy: *yeah, ***, to **** my way through,
so, i'll be on my way.

the girl: (silence).
close-up: the guy, his back.

a car. in the front seats.
no sun set.
the girl: yeah, but it is not worth it, so.
the guy: yeah.
panoramic: a street. cars passing by.

total darkness.
a voice whispers a scream.
the guy: why can't i *******?!
the girl: (silence).
total darkness.
the guy again.

a river. a wooden fence.
the girl. leaning.
close-up: her hands.
the girl: (silence).
her hands. a cat comes by.
the cat moves away.
panoramic: the river, the back of the girl.
high noon. no shadows.
TrAceY Jan 2015
if a 13 year night
so deep and made of stars
could not save you

how could I

my nightmares
are now defined
within the history of us

some shadows stayed
long past midnight
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