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danceforever864 Jul 2014
It's only you and I

danceforever864 May 2014
Tears ***** her ballet shoes

This is supposed to be about a girl whose depressed. In depression she is dancing harder, which makes your shoes extremely *****
danceforever864 May 2014
I knew you were the one
When I told I loved you as much as chocolate
And you said "I love you more than chocolate''

danceforever864 May 2014
She dances under the sunlight
Making the natural blond highlights
Pop through her hair
And she is comfortable in this beauty

danceforever864 May 2014
Dear Daddy,
   I'm sorry I didn't always please you
   I'm sorry I didn't show you I loved you
   I'm sorry I didn't treat you write

Dear Mommy,
   I'm sorry I focused my love on another
   I'm sorry we didn't 'hang out' like you hoped
   I'm sorry I wasted my life on nonexistent things

Dear Maya,
   I'm sorry we weren't so close
   I'm sorry you looked at me funny
   I'm sorry we aren't young enough to care

In case you didn't know, Maya is my sister.
danceforever864 May 2014
Diet mountain dew
I love you
Dance forever
Leave me never
Baby New York City
Never was there ever a girl so pretty
Love You
Diet mountain dew

danceforever864 May 2014
You are mine
'Til the end of time
You make me shine

My dear
Don't fear
I'm here

I love you
I thought you knew
Well, now you do

You're good for me
Stay, my plea
Forever we'll be

Every day
I hope you stay
It's all I say
I love you

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