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Sep 2014
Cierra la boca,
Mi dulce criatura.
Estas hambriento
Lo puedo notar.

Mas hoy no hay comida
y, yo lo presiento,
No la habrá en un tiempo más.

Cantaré un rato,  si eso es de ayuda
Siéntate quieto en éste lugar.
Olvida el hambre y duerme profundo
Sueña que en un banquete estás.

Basta comida, música viva
Corre y ve con el general.
Dile que en casa los niños suplican
Por una mordida

                      Del más simple pan...


Close your mouth,
My sweet child
You are hungry,  
And I can tell.

But today,  there is no food
And I can just feel it,
There won't be
For another long while.

I'll sing a while, if that helps a little
Sit down still. Right  here,  beside me.
Forget the hunger, sleep peacefully
Dream that you are in a feast.  

So much food, and lovely music
Run to speak to the General.
Tell him,  back home the children are begging
For just one bite

                 Of the plainest bread
The Holodomor was a famine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1932 and 1933 that killed up to about 10 million Ukrainians. Holomodor literally translates as "hunger"

Poorly translated at the moment, shall improve it later on.
Mariana Nolasco
Written by
Mariana Nolasco
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