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Jul 2014
Great professions
Great foundations of thy nation
To them we *look up

A brainwave for every *aspirant.

Beggars, unemployed
Criminals and those who are sick
Bed-ridden and with counted lives
They, who are in need.

If we look up to people
Do we also look down to others?
If we are great contenders,
Are we also great in making others feel low ?

We choose to upgrade lives
While in the stairs, our views are on pinnacle
The hub was to escalate
At times, forgetting to where we came from.

What's the point of attaining positions ?
Or even being the crest in the nation's list ?
We indeed are people with the same blood
The same dreams , yet with mixtures of line ups.

To be great , one must serve
Great leaders starts from being great servants
For He who saved us became a servant first
He didn't boast His power and authority
He didn't look down to others
Instead, He lived with them

To those who are oppressed ,
Abused and neglected
By the ever-judging society,
You are the God's centre .

We must have the eye
To see things the way He sees them
The heart that feels
With compassion and sympathy* to others.

Love God
Love others
Show mercy and care.

7/9/14 (@xirlleelang)
Sy Lilang
Written by
Sy Lilang  F/PPC Palawan, Philippines
(F/PPC Palawan, Philippines)   
     Eddie Starr, Ady and Sy Lilang
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