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Jun 2014

Everything is cast asunder

Chopped like waves

A scintillating shattered mirror


Memory is an ache in the mist

Settling into a backward moving river

That snarls into an ethereal past


Quivering in the skin, an embodied seer;

Flesh with entropic and generative visions

Alive with terror and imaginative beauty


A burning longing is cooled in the waters of grief

Where space is apart and falling; When time cuts eternity

And all that was, and will be, is here, broken


Pulling colours out of a boundless light

Severing into the spectrum

Tearing hot white nothing into variegated hue


A depth of shade holds together layers of truth

Concealing the unknown in echoes of shadows

Contours and grooves, carving out reality


Loosener of holding; shaking catharsis

Bittersweet, uncontrollable chaos

Bare and raw and momentary and changing


Like the fall of a giant old growth tree

that lays to waste and nourish

an abundance on the forest floor


Like the blossom of a wild flower

tired of tight closure, breaking open, petal by petal

to expose it's heart to the sun
Christopher Wallace
Written by
Christopher Wallace  Vancouver, Canada
(Vancouver, Canada)   
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