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Sep 2020
There were two good friends,
The flowerwoman and
The fisherwoman.

Both selling
flowers and
fish at the market.

One weekend,
The fisherwoman  invited
The flowerwoman for a sleep over.

At night,
after talking for a long time
they were tired and wanted to sleep.

The fisherwoman  fall asleep immediately,
as she was sleeping in her home,
but the flowerswoman could not fall asleep.
She was tossing because of the smell of fish in the house.

She woke up, and got a few flowers from her basket, and put them on the table.
The flowers smell helped her easily fall asleep.

The fisherwoman got up,
wondering from where this awful
smell was coming.
β€œ I can’t tolerate flowers smell. β€œ
She removed the flowers from the table.
The fish smell again helped her fall asleep.
Only falling asleep took them beyond their likes and dislikes.

We engage in changing many things in life. We change our diet, look, car, house, friends, relationships, ...  We eat super foods. We create and learn  different sophisticated  theories to feel smart. We work hard to change others, but rarely we notice and approach our own attitude ....
Maria Mitea
Written by
Maria Mitea
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