I’m longing for a renaissance
A different kind of renaissance
A counter culture we sure do need
If goodness is to once again take seed
Let’s bring back the hippie culture
and be amazed by the flower power
Even though they would want to be ******
others they would want to be condoned
Get rid of all that crazy technology
Harmful Science doesn’t need an apology
Light up that joint and with a puff
let’s forget all that materialism stuff
Let’s float in colours of psychedelic bliss
and propagate peace, with a kiss
Questioning the current culture is a must
Our counter culture will be equitable and just
We need altered states of consciousness
to get out of the current viciousness
We need another Woodstock
to fight those who do our change block
Let’s live in the present moment
devoid of the illusions it does present
Let’s all be reborn as a groovin’ hipster
and make the world definitely better
A counter culture is what we need
to bring the world up to speed and ****
The Christians claim I’m a crypto – Hindu
While the Hindus claim I’m a crypto – Xtian
Oh My ***! What the **** am I to do?
Are any of then "Human", is my question
To the doctor, to the doctor
I will be now a going
It doesn't really matter
as long as I can be writing
The darkness in the ****;
just like the darkness
of the black skies this new moon,
will give way to brightness
when the foetus opens its eyes
to a world so bright too soon
and will grow to shine like
the perfectly round full moon
So too from eternal darkness
we too shall be brought
to the joy of righteousness
and the radiance of the light
We are all infected with thoughts
Which do imprison us
As the darkness envelopes the world
on this night of the new Moon,
while a flock of geese flew in the darkness so cold
to reach their destination and lover soon
Yes, as the darkness envelopes the world
on this night of the new Moon,
so does darkness envelope my soul; which I sold
to constantly sing to her tune…
But the darkness sure did not help
her  in any way to truly realise
that I sold my soul for herself
since she did not witness the price
that I paid to set her forever free
The price of my loneliness
that was to forever be
so that she could forever live in happiness.
As the darkness envelopes this world
may she be happy and ***, I pray
even in the dark winter cold
without my warmth if she may
For she couldn’t forever hold to my light
and in the darkness did take flight
She just quietly flew away
My baby! Yes, she flew away….
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