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Jun 11
“we all have them”

where I come from
men and women wear scars with pride
there is no judgment
because beauty
is hips that giggle
and ******* that sag
wrinkles on faces
are road maps of places we have been
ghosts we have seen
battles won
hills climbed
they tell stories. some
bodies tell stories that if brought to light
will annihilate men
who do questionable things to women
because they have been given the power to for centuries
so they walk the earth in masks
ghosts lost at sea
scars, they are beautiful
I too own a few
I keep mine honest and clean
so it does not decay and I with it.
there is power in knowing
you are beauty
scars, they are moments
held on flesh
In minds
they are there to make you remember
You are beauty and complicated
Written by
Zuri E  Berlin
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