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Mar 11
Some days I drown
in the sea of distance
you let come between us.
The salt in your voice
clogging my head
with words that cut me
to the bone.
The sloshing of emotions
that brim inside
feel like waves crashing
against my rib cage,
trying to spill
over the edges.

How could we let
what we had
slip right between
our fingers,
as if we were
only grains of sand
that were so easily let go.
I suffocate underneath
the pain of watching you
walk away from me,
A million pieces of my heart
tearing apart
trying to follow you.
My legs feel trapped to the floor,
like seaweed tangling my feet
and keeping me anchored.

It hurts to know
that you gave up
trying to save me.
Instead you left me
to be swallowed up
by the hole
you left behind.
And most days
I feel so numb
That I barely feel it
When the riptides
Of your memories
pull me under.
Written by
Holly  21/F
     Joey and Carlo C Gomez
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