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Jan 31
What unspoken grief
Have you hid in your depths?
What reply do you seek
That, you visit the shore
as a recurrent wave, incessantly?

What is it that you look for?
Bowing down your mighty self
To a shallow wave that wets my feet
And the sand underneath

You roar in fulsome furore
Yet grieve in silence
I cannot fathom
The depth of thy grief-
You are borne out of your own tears
The ocean is majestic, serene. It is also deep that we don't truly know what it has hid in its depths. Metaphorically, I imagined the sea (or ocean, I am using it interchangeably) to be a living organism, nurturing numerous beings, and one without bounds. But, what feelings would an ocean or a sea have. Did it hold a lot of anguish inside, or was calm on the inside as it did show outside? Would an ocean cry to show its grief? Would its tears be distinguishable from its being? Would we be able to see, if it cries?
Written by
Aneesh H  31/M/India
   BR Dragos
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