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Sep 2019
The light in my eyes burns low
as the gateway to my soul starts to suffocate
like a candles feint flicker fading away.
This leaky heart drips drops of hope
through a slow draining sieve,
with warmth escaping ,
cold like a cunning trickster
slowly starves this depleted vessel
of all sensation.

Living only to steal shallow breaths
for fear of the greedy hand of rot
that has pillaged my wilting will
that like a running wound oozes life.

This I would still prefer to your "love"
that repeatedly left me lifeless and limp
cowering behind high walls of stone
mending shredded flesh in secret
In self imposed shackles,
far too tight,
constantly cutting
into bruised wrists.

So I longingly look at those outside
while I am so lost inside myself,
hoping someone, somehow
penetrates this prison
of isolation

As my grip starts to slip I look down
at the haunting black beneath
where I was once consumed,
where I am afraid to fall again
from where I still haven't healed.

Drawing a dead man's last breath
I'm unafraid in defiance of death.
I let my vice fail, to embrace the abyss.
As absolute black washes over me
in it's powerful pull I begin to drown,
while my weighty corpse starts to sink

The last of my air bubbles away
with empty eyes
And nothing to say
Β Β the wounds that wash an ocean red,
are the reason I will wind up dead
William de klerk
Written by
William de klerk  18/M/South Africa
(18/M/South Africa)   
   BR Dragos
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