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Sep 2019
Betrothed to the beast,
but "warned tirelessly."
Still, she cared for the monster
he was made out to be.
With a fear filling façade he repels those
with tongues like pitchforks
and words of cleansing fire

She would tend to the wounds inflicted
upon his disfigured face, and in his arms
she was shielded and safe,
working to pry apart the scaly armor
burnt into his blackened skin.

Yet over time as his skin began to soften
so did she sharpen a hidden blade,
and one fateful night
She stabbed down deep
into his bare back
sadistically watching as he bled unrelentingly.
She fished 'round his oozing chest
and pulled out a prized heart to present.

And so she returned to theΒ Β very sooth sayers
who warned her covered in red
as a monster whos enchanting mask
proved far more fatal and grotesque
than the beast she did betray.
The hardest exteriors hide the softest hearts, and the prettiest faces have the deadliest intentions , so beware.
William de klerk
Written by
William de klerk  18/M/South Africa
(18/M/South Africa)   
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