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Jul 22
There is
Something that feels
So safe about you. I always feel
Like I can breathe. It is warm, and gentle,
Like sitting by the fire on a cold, December night,
And I never have to fear. The rest of the world out there
Is confusing, full of too much stories of anger or rainstorms or traffic.
Here, there is a kind of peace. A kind of patience,
That I know I can’t find anywhere else. You see,
You feel like a place that has infinite amounts
Of life in such a small heart of space. I never
Want to leave. So shut the windows, lock the
Doors, let the phone ring till it stops. I’ll stay
All day, we’ll let the clock run out of time.
There is no other place like this. You, There
is something that feels so safe about
You; something that feels just like home.
had to do some shape poetry for class. so woo am i back who knows
Sari Sups
Written by
Sari Sups  With Strangers
(With Strangers)   
     Fawn and BR Dragos
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