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Jun 2019
She was a bird in a cage
Locked from the evil lurking in the outside world.
All she wanted was to fly and see the world.
But she was kept locked in the cage.
Such beautiful feathers of a rare kind,
If it gets in the wrong hands,
Oh what bad could they do.
The owners kept her in safe and sound
But that's not what birdie wants
She wanted to fly and be happy 
Just like all other birds. 
But not everyone gets what they want 
Especially not a bird with a broken wings.
Her heart was in pieces ;
Some of it far from her reach.
She couldn't go find it so she held what she had left. 
Clutched to her chest she held it there. 
Sometimes it went numb.
Sometimes she could fell everything crash ,
For she felt like a useless bird in a cage.
Less of a bird more of a doll.
Stone cold; 
Sometimes she sang a sweet melancholy,  
A melody so sad and alone
But sometimes it was more of a dream.
She looked through the windows 
As she sang her bits and pieces 
In a rhythm,
Wondering if they'll be a day
She can fly safe in the sky. 
Till then she'll just sing all day long.
No matter much the owners took care of her, 
Daintly like a proceline glass valuing the feathers she possessed, 
Yet she couldn't stop to wonder where the pieces where gone.
She wanted to find it but she couldn't 
Cause she's just a bird in a cage.
Written by
Chiquita  18/F
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