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Feb 2019
I know we have problems
And I know we are scared to say
Everything we see before us
In a state of disarray

When people ask if we are together
Tell them that we're not
Wake up every morning sad
My stomach in a knot

Sky heavy on shoulders
Cloudy or sunny and bright
Hope that we could be happy
Living a dream that's not quite right

Do you love imperfections?
Do you pretend they are not there?
Say that is what makes me special
Question if you're really aware

I get chills of fear imagining
Future without your embrace
Are you going to be the same in five years?
Will souls still interlace?

Insecurity blows my brain up
Skull expands, it bursts
When you've done nothing wrong
Still endure my worst

You do not deserve it when I explode
Hit by shrapnel, hurtful remarks
Justify my careless words by bringing up
Past indiscretions and own defined marks

The infinite acts of betrayal
Your indifferent selfish attitude
The reasons I lash out in anger
Often say things that are rude

I do not mean to hurt your feelings
I attempt to communicate
Thoughts softly falling in my head
Failing as they accumulate

It seems issues are too big
Too powerful and great to solve
Yet we keep waiting with the foolish belief
One day they will all dissolve

But until that time arrives
I will continue this back and forth game
We make mistakes. Forgive. Repeat.
Both of us are equally to blame
I am trying to take responsibility for my half of the issues we are facing
Amanda Kay Burke
Written by
Amanda Kay Burke  25/F/Alaska
       Amanda Kay Burke, Em MacKenzie, --- and ---
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