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Jan 20
but, my love,
rivers still run from
your mouth,
colors still flow through
your veins,
and valleys of beauty
still reside in your soul.

~they didn't take everything
from you.
no matter what people say to you,
you still hold
your beauty
your wit
your talents
and your passions.
some people are unfair and
some people will
say things that really ******* hurt
right down to your core
but whether they judge and/or say
things about your strengths or weaknesses,
you're still the same
beautifully passionate human being
and that's something that will always
be true.
these special pieces of you
will always find a way back to you
no matter how far away
they seemed to fall away
with the ****** of someone's
double-edged sword.

i won't sit here and say
that their words will
brush off as easy as they
hit you
because sometimes they begin to
flow from your head, straight to your
bloodstream and end up
staying with you
for a long time
but even so,
small acts of love towards you
or just a moment of shared
proves that those admirable
parts are still with you
deep down or perhaps those pieces
closer to your heart than you think.
regardless, no matter what anyone says
to you,
you're still worth love and
you're still beautiful.
you still deserve to be heard
you are still human and you still

~2.a.m. me
Written by
shatteredpoet  17
     Em MacKenzie and Perry
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