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Jun 2 · 325
my mind is a maze
and i no longer
wish to find the
May 27 · 518
another dose
shatteredpoet May 27
one shot won't
fill it but maybe five or six
one pill won't do it
but maybe eight or nine
one night didn't fix it
but maybe twelve

the space is growing bigger
with each person that leaves
perhaps i'll double the dose
to double my chance
at being w h o l e

six shots didn't work
so maybe ten or twelve
nine pills didn't do it
so maybe sixteen or seventeen
twelve nights didn't fix it
so maybe thirty
there's a hole in my chest
and it's no coincidence
it's the same size
as the space my father
used to take up
May 23 · 1.5k
shatter me
shatteredpoet May 23
i never intended
to take apart
all the pieces
you glued back
May 22 · 286
shatteredpoet May 22
i hope i make you
feel the same way
as when you're exploring
an abandoned building at night.
i want you
to feel nervous and
exhilarated all
at once.
May 22 · 190
simply you.
shatteredpoet May 22
you were never a universe
you didn't hold planets or galaxies
or stars within you.
instead, you were full of passion and wonder.
instead, you had warm hands and a smile that made my heart race.
instead, you were simply you.
Apr 26 · 563
shatteredpoet Apr 26
once upon a time
the universe ached for you
it longed for your soul to be formed
so in response
the oceans and stars collided

and when the waves settled
and the stars aligned
you were created
molded from the salt of the seas
and the stardust from the sky
~remember, you have the strength of the ocean
and the power of the stars within you.
Apr 23 · 703
shatteredpoet Apr 23
if i am the artist
you are a collage
of all the things
i love the most
Apr 23 · 637
shatteredpoet Apr 23
for all the nights
of which
you come to me
covered in blue
i promise to be there
to paint you
the same color as
the sun
when dawn arrives,
the sun will begin to
shine through you again.
Apr 20 · 403
shatteredpoet Apr 20
if our love is a ship
then we are two lovers
lost at sea
bound to sink
in our own demise
Apr 20 · 245
generous love
shatteredpoet Apr 20
i wish to give
you everything
without waiting
to receive something
Apr 20 · 493
404: love not found
shatteredpoet Apr 20
i checked
under the bed
under the cushions
under the rug
under the vase i
gave you last christmas
i checked under
the nightstand
and even in the very
sheets we share
but i have yet to
find love
in this very place
we call
h o m e
Apr 14 · 128
shatteredpoet Apr 14
sometimes it truly feels as if all the emotional pain inside you, is trying to claw its way out; all the while of eating away at your skin and bones and poking holes in your heart. it'll drive you mad. it'll weigh you down. it'll feel impossible to heal. it'll make you think you need to feel external pain in order to relieve it, but don't let it trick you into doing that. everything you could ever need to fight against the pain and heartache resides in your soul. it's your core. it's what holds your body, your mind, and your heart together. it holds your passions and interests and preferences. you are you for a reason. think of everyone's different passions and such, as their personal weapons. almost as if the universe knew exactly what each person needed to fight against all the evils and heartache. your soul is your toolbox. your weapon forging lab. you have your heart that keeps you alive. you have your mind that processes words and reason. you have your body that holds those elements. but most importantly, you have your soul holding your emotions and your moral compass. never forget that.
this is not a poem. this is a letter to all of you. // emotional pain is never easy, no one should ever have to go through such extreme amounts of it that they feel as if the only way to relieve it-- to heal from it, is to feel physical pain. // i see you. i notice you. you are not invisible and you are certainly not alone. each one of you are strung intricately beautiful. each one of you are packed with the necessities you need to fight against the things that are causing you pain. everything you need, resides in your soul. remember that.
Apr 13 · 318
shatteredpoet Apr 13
we are electric charges
pushing and pulling
back and forth
back and forth
back and forth
traveling through
the endless current
of love and hate
we are two charges, trying to meet in this swirl of energy.
Apr 13 · 410
(un)conditional love
shatteredpoet Apr 13
you were my father
and i was your daughter
until i told you i fell in love
with her
until i told you i despised
the meanings of gender
until i told you i was not
a replica of you
until i blurred that picture perfect
image of the person
you wished me to be
you promised to love
me without conditions
until you realized the
only thing you could do
was love me with conditions
Apr 13 · 287
shatteredpoet Apr 13
i was your bird
that refused to
leave its cage
i was your bird
that refused to
fly away
even with the
door wide open.
i stayed with you after every opportunity to leave you
Apr 1 · 857
it seems as if
you are made up
of the stardust
that once formed the
very star i wished
upon for a girl
like you
Mar 31 · 347
to fall asleep with you
shatteredpoet Mar 31
the drum inside your
chest is my favorite
lets drift through this melancholy darkness together as we listen to the drums inside our chests.
Mar 8 · 427
"someone like you"
i am not here
to love someone
like you.
i am here to love
y o u .
in the world behind my eyes, there is no one remotely close to being you.
Mar 8 · 378
you pt. 2
you are not purely
made up of
sunflowers and soft
vanilla candles.
nor are you purely
made up of
stardust and poetry.
you're made up of
thorns and bitter tastes.
you're made up of
thunderstorms and
fractured words
Mar 8 · 790
you are not the thorns
that leave your lovers
you are not the
sunflowers growing
in your head.
you are everything in between.
you are everything all at once.
Mar 6 · 177
love you endlessly
i'd rather lose you
knowing i loved
you wholeheartedly
than have loved you
with one foot out the

i can't guard my heart forever..
Mar 2 · 299
beautiful soul
though she is called
for the way her body
curves, and how her
eyes pair with her smile,
it is her soul
i find most

Mar 2 · 1.3k
she didn't need
a telescope to see
all the beauty in
the universe
she always had a way of seeing the world differently from everyone else...
Mar 2 · 621
i love you...
the words
i love you
become trapped behind
my teeth,
it's a phrase so heavy
like the words
i miss you
and sometimes
in the break
before you speak,
i wonder if you're fighting
to get the same words out
as i am

it's become a swallowed
of an obvious truth
rather than a secret
because it seems so
clear that my world
levels with yours
but i can't explain how
touching your skin
feels like you are the
key because
i was a locked door
until i met
~words 90 of 23,487 i keep
clenched between my teeth
in your toughest
may the universe
kiss you with
warm coffee and
vanilla scented
while the chaos
outside your window.

i've always been told to love;
and that if i do,
i do it raw and passionately
but now as i sit here with
the girl i may love,
i am told i cannot

for her body looks too much
like my own, so i am to
love the body of a man
whose soul does not
match mine like hers does

i wish you knew how
confusingly destructive
that sounds-- i am to love
the body of a man over the
soul of a woman
shatteredpoet Jan 20
but, my love,
rivers still run from
your mouth,
colors still flow through
your veins,
and valleys of beauty
still reside in your soul.

~they didn't take everything
from you.
no matter what people say to you,
you still hold
your beauty
your wit
your talents
and your passions.
some people are unfair and
some people will
say things that really ******* hurt
right down to your core
but whether they judge and/or say
things about your strengths or weaknesses,
you're still the same
beautifully passionate human being
and that's something that will always
be true.
these special pieces of you
will always find a way back to you
no matter how far away
they seemed to fall away
with the stroke of someone's
double-edged sword.

i won't sit here and say
that their words will
brush off as easy as they
hit you
because sometimes they begin to
flow from your head, straight to your
bloodstream and end up
staying with you
for a long time
but even so,
small acts of love towards you
or just a moment of shared
proves that those admirable
parts are still with you
deep down or perhaps those pieces
closer to your heart than you think.
regardless, no matter what anyone says
to you,
you're still worth love and
you're still beautiful.
you still deserve to be heard
you are still human and you still

~2.a.m. me
shatteredpoet Jan 16
if you're lucky enough
she will show you
the library she has for a brain
she'll show you the books
about the ones
who never took the time
to read her front to back
start to finish
she'll show you
the books she reads
over and over again
the ones she can never put down
and those she's too afraid to read again
and perhaps
she'll even let you
read the book
that's got a lock and key
sitting in the back
of her mind
collecting dust

shatteredpoet Jan 15
this is me
handing you the key
to the closet i've
stored all my
this is me
handing you the keys
to my
safe haven.

shatteredpoet Jan 15
that was the story of us.
no happy ending
no filled promises
in fact,
none of it was anything
like a fairytale book
because you didn't get
a happily ever after
it was an ending that
was inevitably tragic.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i listened
to the sweet melody
you created
by the sweep of your fingers
curving those delicate fingers
making your skin tingle
and rattle.
kissing each note
with a soft greeting
but a hard farewell.
unveiling your soul
and all your intracies
shatteredpoet Jan 15
they glued labels
on my body
that won't come off
without removing pieces of myself
and it hurts
almost as much
as watching them
bend and twist
and break your
to fit you inside
a box your heart
has outgrown
shatteredpoet Jan 15
sometimes i wish
you had stayed
but the possibility
of what would have
become of me
is far worse than
going through the pain
of losing you
Jan 15 · 3.0k
and then we danced.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i reached for your hand
and suddenly i was
in the stars with
Jan 15 · 115
i wish that for you.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i hope one day you
find a place
that doesn't leave you

Jan 15 · 103
self-defense mechanism
shatteredpoet Jan 15
my walls are not built
for the same reasons
as yours.
they were built to protect
myself from my own head

shatteredpoet Jan 15
i've changed every lock on my home to keep you from
shattering everything i've built
so please do not come knocking
because it will take everything
i have inside
not to open the door and let you in.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
this is the three seconds
before the floor breakd
and i'm pulled into the hurricane
of every thought inside my head

my head and my heart is at
war before i can call your name
but i think that
maybe this is ok
because now i have a 200 page poetry book
with your name written on every page
and the story of us written in ink
but i'm bleeding because the paper
cut into my skin a little too deep
and the words tore into my heart

i was too late to love you and
admit to you that you were the one
thing i have yet to give up on
but now my heart is only bleeding
on the edges of the words
"i don't love you"

now the three seconds are up
and suddenly i'm thrown into the hurrican my mind has created
in hopes to win against
the force of my heart
shatteredpoet Jan 15
every part of me
convinced my heart that
i loved you
but in the end i only wanted to be in control;
i wanted to grip your hand so tight
you couldn't slip through my fingers
and i know that's selfish of me to say
but i don't want you to think
i actually loved you

because when i love,
i break; every promise, every foundation, every piece of your soul
until a broke heart and hazy eyes
are all that's left of you because
i don't know how to
shatteredpoet Jan 15
perhaps the best way
to understand
is to understand
and all that surrounds us.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
you took more than i offered
you took more than i
you took more than
you took more
you took
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i've been told i have
irrational fears of
and burning alive;
but there's been one
situation where
i have fearlessly
faced each one
of these fears

i submerged myself
in your waves
fell for you and trusted
you would catch me
before i hit the pavement
i let the flames from your
fingertips touch my skin,
trusting you will not let
me go up in flames
so maybe love is the
only conqueror of these
or maybe it's just
y o u
Jan 15 · 71
i trusted you.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
maybe i jumped
too soon

~but you said you would

shatteredpoet Jan 15
the stars weren't
the only celestial
that aligned.

our souls did too

shatteredpoet Jan 15
she spoke
as if there
were colors
running through
every word.

i spoke
as if i had
a blade for
a tongue.

Jan 15 · 233
we are all human.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
different pigments
doesn't change
the fact
we have the same
different religious beliefs
doesn't change
the fact
we're made of the same elements
different ****** orientations
doesn't change
the fact
we are all human
different social classes
doesn't change
the fact
none if us are
consistently happy
different lifestyles
doesn't change
the fact
we're all imperfect

shatteredpoet Jan 15
my heart is colored
by your all or
kind of love

Jan 15 · 133
a woman of passion.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i wasn't looking for
a woman with golden
just a woman that had
passion to make her

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