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Jan 14
Two years ago I learned a lesson
But it didn't make sense until today

Three little dogs out in the snow
Roxy was short and round, but she was strong with red fur
Bumble and Sparky were smaller still and just wanted to have fun
And after a few minutes shrill barks filled the air
Bumble called for help as his brother was being torn apart
Roxy had him at his throat
The snow was red with blood
So I grabbed the beast
And timid Sparky tried to run away
Blood poured from his throat

Now as day turned into night
Bumble and Sparky were safe inside
Roxy was out in the cold
She wasn't safe and had to go
Bumble sat the whole night waiting for his brother
And sparky lay wrapped in his mother's arms
Trying to keep it together

There are two kinds of people in this world
That I now know
You either tear out the throats of the innocent
Or keep your head down and try protect your own
Written by
Philomena  18/F
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