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Jan 12
We're all stupid when it comes to "love" or "like."
I've learned that by now right?
It starts with racing heartbeats and stars in the eyes.
It starts as a fun crush, but some move onto more while others are stuck with just crushes.
Wishing that he would like you instead of her...
Or wishing that you were special compared to his past girlfriends.
Or thinking that when he constantly looks at you that must mean something right?
Or it ends with heartbreak and wishing you could just have your best friend back.

So, here it goes...
This is for me and all my girl friends.

There's one who says she's over her ex and I believe her, but she still wants to hang out with her ex like that's normal.
There's another that looks at the guy she likes while he's talking about another girl.
There's another that knows she deserves better but settles for a guy that doesn't want to commit to commitment.
She's the catch here.
There's another, they would be so good together, but he's taking forever to make his intentions known. Should she dare to hope?
Then, there's me, who pines for a guy that is a shy one and he looks like he has some interest... But there's a big problem of distance.
We may never have a chance to start.

Why do we go for the complicated ones?
Why are we the cats in this game of "love"?
I'm writing this really in frustration for my friends in how hard they may be hurt in the process of their relationship or at the end of it. Every one of them has their reasons or irrational reasons for liking who they like or staying with them. Honestly, the same goes for me. I should just get over this guy... I don't even know if I have a chance. But don't we all get stupid because of someone?
Written by
Rose Who Knows  23/F/U.S.
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