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Jan 6
You walked away from me,
           but I wouldn't move.
Never one to stop,
           every footstep took you
further from my grasp.

From my sight I couldn't see,
               but I could smell your perfume
in the wind.
You said that if I wanted you,
         that Id have to follow.

But I kept my ground,
            I waited
                  as day and night fell.
You kept on walking but I stayed still.
            When the moon rose and sank
solemnly that final time.

I turned around and you
                where there behind me,
tears in eyes you said that you walked
               to find me.

But I hadn't taken a step,
                   for if we were meant to be
no matter the footsteps.
        If you stand in the same place
                that person will eventually walk back to you.
Poetic T
Written by
Poetic T  On Oblivions Doorstep
(On Oblivions Doorstep)   
   Vanessa Gatley
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