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Oct 2018
So sweet and young at the age of ten, yet endured more loss and and hurt than most ever will.
So many things about your precious life have been stripped that it doesn't seem real .
Four years ago when we first met I had no idea that you would become so very special to me.
Your Daddy was doing his very best raising his little girl but there was so much he didn't see.
You needed a woman in your life to teach you certain things.
The progress that you have made has left me more than proud of you.
You have transformed into a beautiful young lady and make A's and B's too.
But a tragedy has entered your already broken life as God called you Daddy home.
Now I don't get to see you, they've taken you away from everything and everyone you have ever known.
My heart hurts so bad , I want to hold you and tell you everything is going to be alright .
I've grown so close to you, it's like I can feel you crying in your new bed at night.
I miss you my little Luhoo and love you more than you know.
I never dreamed I wouldn't be in your life to watch you as you grow.
We use to look up at the clouds and tell each other what we see.
I may not be there with you baby girl but Everytime you look at the clouds now please think of me.
A child that has touched my heart and made so much progress in her life her daddy was killed in a motorcycle wreck I was the only thing besides him she knew and now she's been taken away from me. My heart hurts so bad for her
Written by
Kim Essary
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