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Jul 2018


watch me grieve
watch me suffocate.

write me down in words
(i'm not that important)
in a page somewhere
to be forgotten.

watch me breathe
watch me hesitate.

watch me love
watch me eradicate.

educate the demon inside
(that he's not alone)
there's a king-
for a clown's crown to levitate.

and a queen with a heart
that is rotten.

and here i live, here i contemplate
with no air on the plate. no food in
my lungs.

here i sip on the tears
that navigate.

down my throat
mixing with the red
of someone.

so, watch me explode
and paint the floor white.

the mirror shows a faint
blur of a man dead, and his
death alive.

i blink. ink. wink.
i think. i am. done.

i'm too afraid to ask twice.

i will explode
and you can quote me
your price.

stab me a thousand times
and i won't be surprised.

i am so green. and the smoke;
choking me on the cigarette pipes.

how long has it been ?
since you stopped walking
upright ?

are you not keen
to see things to be seen.

have the tears dried ?

or is it still raining
wherever you go ?

how long ago
was the last time.

you thought would be
the last time ?

tell me when you're done.
and tell me.

did you survive ?
f*ck the world. why not ?
Written by
aviisevil  23/M/india
     666sadgirl666, Geanna and Jayantee Khare
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