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May 2018
ME -

"I'm okay" I try to reassure myself. "I will be okay," then I glance at the clock.

It's 3 am, and here I am once again. Sitting on the floor with tears in my eyes, remembering when you told me you weren't like all the other guys. And you weren't. You were worse, you did things they could never do. Like actually making me fall in genuine love with you.

"He'll come back" I whisper under my breath. "He promised."

You told me your secrets, and you held me to your chest. You'd wipe the teardrops from my cheeks, you made me feel blessed. You'd look me in the eyes and whisper I love you. Oh how badly I wish, I'd never believed, the beautiful lies you spoke to me.


3:04 Text Message Delivered

3:09 Read

... Typing ...


"This clingy ***** again?" He mumbles to himself.

It's 3 am, and I just got this text. It's another ******* rant, from another crazy ex. I aint tryna fall in love, I aint tryna settle down, but here's my deepest apologies for ******* around. I wanna be alone, but I don't like being lonely. And I can't get my fix from my bro's and my homies.

"Well ****, she was loyal, and she was always there. Maybe I do actually care..?"

Look I aint mean to break your heart, I'm sorry bout that. I know it means nothing but here are the facts. I'm genuinely sorry, and I really want you back.


I'm sorry but the number you're trying to reach is no longer accepting messages from you

You're too late.
This is just me having a conversation with my ex in my head. I loved him so much but if he ever comes back it'll be too late. Because I've waited for months and he hasn't come back. It's time for me to finally move on.
Written by
jewel  19/F/Washington
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