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May 2018
have you ever had anyone that you were so
immensely infatuated with?
to the point of no return,
where when you look into their eyes you feel as if
you’ve climbed the highest mountain in the whole universe;
a feeling of victory, satisfaction, and relief.
because you’ve finally found a person
who completes you.
because you’ve finally found a person
who shows you life, so vividly and so creatively.
even in the simplest of times,
things drip with color and radiate with meaning.
and in times of anger, confusion, and doubt,
those colors never go away.
the meaning of it all never goes away.

they define everything,
yet no silly formulation of vowels and consonants
could ever define them.
they and the feeling you get from them
is truly ineffable.
someone who you know in and out,
and someone really understands you.
they’re someone who you can experience life with, in many ways.
every moment in time that you share with them is always valuable.
no matter what you do, or where you go,
they diffuse a sense of contagious tranquility and joy.
the time spent with them is a type of happiness that money cannot buy.

maybe that’s why it hurts so deeply when things go south.
you’ve lost something that the world has made only one of.
it’s a grieving feeling, because you know that
the feeling is something that can never be brought back.
you know that the presence that was so engraved in your life is gone.
you’ve lost someone who made the unexplainable make sense.
you’ve lost someone who you thought you’d grow old with.
the swelling of your heart has grown empty.
and life returns back to its dull and hazy ways.

the rise, and the fall.
living life with someone,
and being alive with someone.
it’s a broad topic and feeling
that can only be defined by two words:
true romance.
now tell me, have you ever had that?
just hit over 1000 words!
grace snoddy
Written by
grace snoddy  16/F/chicago, il
(16/F/chicago, il)   
     H, Rick the shoe shine boy, acacia, --- and ---
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