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Jun 2018
My fear was
Having all my hard work
Feels like I’ve been cursed
With you stuck in my head
All I do is dread
I miss you but
I hate you
I can’t seem to escape you.
I throw shade on your name
You’ve been acting so lame
Acting like you don’t love me
And what we had wasn’t real.
I get the feel
That you moved on
So I push forward too
Only sometimes to rue
Leaving you
Or loving you
Depends on my mood.
Everywhere I go
We put a stamp on it
I know everything you love
And I try to run away from it
I ran so far only to end in my starting place
So here I am
Writing about you.
Loving you
And hating you.
Can’t get away from you
Look forward to the day I do.
Juliet Swan
Written by
Juliet Swan  F
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