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Mar 2018
These teardrops i cry, the ones that fall beneath my eyes
Nobody knows the total pain i feel inside
Outside so warm but inside so cool
Tell me for you why did i play the roll of a fool
Tell me how did i not know
and why i wished you to be gone
Now undelivered every message to your phone
Sorry isn't enough
My bad isn't any good
and i will not know how to love
and so far out misunderstood
These tears that i cry
So heavy when they fall
I have no one to blame because I'm the reason for them all
The days that i spent, in a corner to myself
Nobody could replace a love like yours because it never left
I never ripped it away, i never cut down the strings
That's the reason it drags so heavily
I'm the reason for my pain
because I refuse to let go
and the feelings that i feel you will never let go
You cut me loose
You cut me off for good
and i just have to see your face
Everyday that i walk through
Tell me what's the pain
And why it feels so irregular
I  tried to call your phone but it never reached your cellular
So many teardrops in my eyes
These tears that i seem to cry
Gives you every reason to tell  me goodbye
I'm so stuck up in my ways
I'm so stuck up in my feelings
Your love is the one way i could bring healing
The days fade away, but the tears grow longer
Every day i remind myself to just be stronger
Written by
Jayda James  20/F/Gastonia NC
(20/F/Gastonia NC)   
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